Wireless Modems deliver VoIP capabilities.

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Last Mile Solution® LMS4000 non-line-of-sight systems with v6.0 software enable network operators to simultaneously support and manage prioritized voice traffic and high-speed data service on networks. Operators can also offer single and multi-line voice services via single end-user modem. Grade of Service allows Dynamic Polling MAC to detect and provide priority transmission of voice packets and control latency levels for optimal voice transmissions.

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WaveRider Adds VoIP Capabilities to Its Non-Line-of-Sight

Last Mile Solution(R) Products Now Support Simultaneous Voice and Data Traffic, Offering New Revenue Opportunities for Service Providers

TORONTO, Jan. 18 - WaveRider Communications Inc. (BULLETIN BOARD: WAVR), the leader in non-line-of-sight wireless broadband technology and deployments, today announced its Last Mile Solution(R) family of products now deliver VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) capabilities. WaveRider's version 6.0 software for its LMS4000 non-line-of-sight systems enables network operators to simultaneously support and manage high-volume, prioritized voice traffic and high-speed data service on their WaveRider networks.

"We believe the demand for VoIP service continues to be a significant driver behind the demand for and growth of broadband networks," said Charles Brown, Executive Vice President, WaveRider Communications Inc. "With the introduction of VoIP capabilities, WaveRider's non-line-of-sight systems will allow our customers to offer new services to their existing subscribers and to expand into new potential markets."

The version 6.0 software enables the LMS4000 system to meet network operators needs for call quality, availability and system call capacity, which are common criteria for measuring VoIP quality. In addition, the new version 6.0 software enables network operators to offer both single and multi-line voice services, via a single end-user modem, to address the needs of their small office/home office (SOHO) and mid-size company subscribers.

"We're looking forward to the opportunity to offer VoIP-enabled WaveRider systems to our customers," said Dave Lewis, President, ANPI/NewStreets -- a member owned consortium serving over 300 I-LECs. "Leading telecommunications companies are addressing the challenges and opportunities present in today's marketplace by evolving their product mix, adding new services and expanding their market reach. Many of our members have introduced broadband services beyond their traditional boundaries employing WaveRider's non-line of sight technology. Both ANPI, and many of the members we serve, are very excited about the potential opportunities posed by the marriage of WaveRider's VoIP enabled LMS4000 system with ANPI's VoIP solution set."

Voice over IP support

The version 6.0 software enables network operators to offer priority traffic handling capabilities through a new priority Grade of Service, specifically developed for VoIP, on a subscriber-by-subscriber basis. When a priority classification is assigned to a subscriber's modem, the new Grade of Service allows WaveRider's Dynamic Polling MAC to automatically detect and provide priority transmission of voice packets and control latency levels, ensuring high-quality voice transmissions. Without the priority classification, the voice transmission will be treated as normal data traffic.

"The latest version of our LMS4000 product allows WaveRider operators to leverage their wireless broadband infrastructure by adding bundled voice services to their current high-speed data offerings. By adding VoIP to their suite of services today, companies can increase revenue per subscriber and reduce subscriber churn," added Brown.

WaveRider operators can add VoIP capabilities to their existing networks by downloading the version 6.0 software from the WaveRider website. The software is compatible with all WaveRider 900 MHz non-line-of-sight components, including the CCU3000 and EUM300x series of wireless end-user modems, including the new EUM3006 integrated outdoor unit. WaveRider has also published a new whitepaper that provides information on VoIP and the LMS4000. The whitepaper can be downloaded from the company's website at http://www.waverider.com/Library/LMS4000WhitePaper-VOIP-Jan2005.pdf.

Advanced applications and system flexibility

WaveRider's non-line-of-sight networks support advanced applications and offer a high level of flexibility for the deployment and management of their networks compared to other 900 MHz systems. On January 12, WaveRider launched the EUM3006, its new subscriber unit with an integrated modem and smart-diversity antenna designed for simple and cost-effective outdoor deployments. In September, 2004, WaveRider introduced "Open Access Networking" capabilities to its LMS family, which enables operators of WaveRider networks to give other service providers access to their networks to re-sell broadband services in their markets.

The world leader in fixed wireless Non-Line-of-Sight technology WaveRider's Last Mile Solution(R) is the world's first fixed wireless broadband product to deliver true non-line-of-sight Internet connections in the license-exempt spectrum. WaveRider's LMS is distinguished in the industry by its user-installed indoor antenna, and product performance which enables broadband connections through buildings, tree canopies and other line-of-sight barriers. More than 275 wireless broadband service providers in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, and Latin America have deployed WaveRider's LMS systems. WaveRider's customers have now made wireless broadband service accessible to hundreds of thousands of potential subscribers.

About WaveRider Communications Inc.

WaveRider Communications Inc. (www.waverider.com) is a leader in broadband wireless deployments and technologies. WaveRider's Last Mile Solution(R) non-line-of-sight 900 MHz networks enable communications providers to establish full-saturation coverage networks and generate a rapid return on their investment. WaveRider is committed to the development of standards-based wireless technologies that support advanced applications and address the needs of both the North American and International markets. WaveRider is traded on the OTC Bulletin Board, under the symbol WAVR.

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