Wireless Gateways monitor products and environments. .

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Featuring Modbus, WiFi, and Cellular communication, cloud-based Super Gateways measure HVAC and environmental values, including ambient temperature, humidity, AC current, voltage, 4–20 mA signals, and light/motion. Products can acquire and log data, communicate wirelessly at long range, and execute custom programs on their own. With extended-range RF transceiver, single gateway covers 30,000 ft² with 1.3-mile line-of-sight capability. Each has 3 GB onboard memory, storing 120 billion data points.

Original Press Release:

Paragon Robotics Introduces New Super-Gateways

Cost-Effective Cloud Products Monitor Products and Environments

CHESTERLAND OH – Paragon Robotics is proud to announce its all-new Super Gateways featuring Modbus, WiFi and Cellular communication. These cloud-based monitoring solutions measure a wide range of HVAC and environmental values. Paragon Robotics products can acquire and log data, communicate wirelessly at long range, and even execute custom programs on their own. With a Cloud storage subscription users can set remote email or text (SMS) alarms for their products and environments. Including free software, these wireless gateways are more affordable than many existing devices. CAS DataLoggers carries these products at http://www.dataloggerinc.com/manufacturers/Paragon_Robotics_Wireless_Gateways/110/.

New Super Gateways:

Ideal for users in the data recording and analytics markets, Paragon Robotics Super Gateways feature a number of built-in sensor types as well as a variety of external transducers and metering platforms. Paragon products are ideal for indoor use to monitor typical environmental parameters including ambient temperature, humidity, AC current, voltage, 4-20mA signals, light/motion and more.

With a compact size enabling easy installation, these products are ideal for monitoring occupant comfort and HVAC performance in buildings, server rooms, museums, warehouses and other storage facilities where temperature is important. Advanced features such as alarming and field calibration are built-in. Their unprecedented battery life of 7-10 years makes it easy for users to perform measurement tasks of any duration without ever changing a battery!

The brains of the system, each wireless gateway transmits orders and receives information from the other sensors and dataloggers. A single super gateway covers 30,000 sq. ft. with its high-performance and extended-range RF transceiver, giving it a 1.3-Mile line of sight capability. Each Gateway has 3GB of onboard memory storing 120 billion data points. Hundreds of sensors can be accommodated per single Gateway; each has a fast 100Mbps Ethernet port for connection to local network router, PC or server. The gateways also offer best-in-class wireless and data security with frequency hopping and AES-256 encryption.

Communicate with Modbus, BACnet and more!

-- GW10 Super Gateway and Translator—Open protocols MODBUS/TCP, BACnet/IP. The GW10 Wireless Gateway is Paragon’s lowest-cost super gateway, with a full ARM-based Linux platform for powerful scripting capabilities. The GW10 is popular with system integrators and analytics companies to communicate with BACnet, Modbus, or any other custom network-based protocols.

-- GW11 Super Gateway with WiFi, 802.11 b/g/n interface—MODBUS/TCP, BACnet/IP. The GW11 Wireless Gateway adds WiFi capability to the GW10 gateway, allowing for both hotspot and endpoint

nodes, allowing any imaginable connection architecture to WiFi equipment.

-- GW12 Super Gateway with Cellular 3G/4G interface—MODBUS/TCP, BACnet/IP. The GW12 Wireless Gateway adds built-in 3G modem capability to the GW10 gateway, allowing for cellular-based connections for remote locations without existing network infrastructure.

Free Software and Toolkits

The new Super Gateways include free software for setup, datalogging and modeling. These free downloads enable users to access devices through the cloud for configuration, management and analysis purposes. Users can calibrate, log, chart, and manage everything all from a single interface! Multiple computers or other browser-based devices can access the same network. The modeling software can be used to model any building, analyze the heating and cooling costs for any climate, and accurately simulate the effects of both building envelope and thermostat control algorithms.

Optional Halo/S Cloud Service

With Paragon’s cloud storage service, users can instantly view both live and recorded sensor data onsite or remotely from anywhere in the world! Multiple sites can easily be integrated into one interface. Data can be seamlessly fed into 3rd party software systems, making it ideal for energy analytics, environmental monitoring and industrial automation.

The Data Logging Experts

At CAS DataLoggers we also supply additional Paragon Robotics products including wireless sensors, external sensors, wireless control products, and cables/accessories. Give us a call at (800) 956-4437 and learn more about these innovative products.

For more information on the new Super Gateways from Paragon Robotics, which monitor a wide variety of values, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or visit our website at www.DataLoggerInc.com

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