Wireless Gateway manages wireless devices over-the-air.

Press Release Summary:

Running Open Source Cigorn Gateway software, Linux-based Cigorn Gateway provides intelligent routing to send/receive data messages to/from wireless devices anywhere in network. Unit allows for wireless devices to be added or removed from network and tracks devices as they roam from one gateway to another. Cigorn is optimized for telemetry, mobile data, RTK, meter-reading, utility-monitoring, and GPS tracking, but will scale to work for wireless broadband access and 2-way voice calling.

Original Press Release:

Introducing the Cigorn Wireless Gateway: The City to Global Radio Network

Raveon is pleased to introduce to the wireless industry a truly unique product concept. This new wireless system architecture is codenamed "Cigorn" and the core component of the system is a Linux based Cigorn Gateway running Open Source Cigorn Gateway software. The Cigorn Gateway software is free, licensed to anyone per the terms of our Open Source license agreement.

Raveon's vision of this Cigorn system is a CIty to GlObal Radio Network that is easy to manage, simple to deploy, data centric, and very bandwidth efficient. It routes messages, and will dynamically assign wireless bandwidth to operate even when 100% of the subscriber devices need to communicate. Cigorn is optimized for telemetry, mobile data, RTK, meter-reading, utility-monitoring, and GPS tracking, but will scale to work for wireless broadband access, two-way voice calling, and many other wireless applications. View a simple Cigorn system diagram.

The Cigorn Gateway is built using powerful computing hardware, feature-rich software, and sophisticated communication protocols. But because Giga-bytes of RAM are inexpensive, GHz processors are inexpensive, and Open Source Linux software is free and reliable, the Cigorn Gateway is more sophisticated than comparable commercial systems, and yet costs very little to build.

Possible Applications for a Cigorn Wireless Network are:

o Wide-area GPS tracking system using UHF/VHF radios spanning multiple sites, mines, dumps, cities, and states.

o Mobile data system for public safety, dispatch, busses, taxis, or trucking.

o Interconnecting multiple wireless systems to make them look like one network.

o RTK signal distribution utilizing multiple networks and radio technologies.

o Routing data in a SCADA system giving the system Internet access, remote management, system logging, and bridging of sites.

The primary functions of the Cigorn Gateway are:

1. Manage/configure wireless devices over-the-air (slot numbers, TDMA timing, assign RF channels, etc.)

2. Intelligent routing to send/receive data messages to the wireless devices anywhere in the network.

3. Allow for wireless devices to be easily added or removed from the network.

4. Track the wireless devices as they roam from one gateway to another.

5. Route messages to/from the appropriate gateway for each wireless device in the network.

6. Communicate messages from a user (via WMX-telnet, SMTP, RTCM, NTRIP, or MODBUS Ethernet) to and from the radios.

7. Provide mechanisms for a system operator to track system usage by Wireless Device and by groups of Wireless Devices.

8. Provide a telnet, SSH, and Web interface to manage the gateway.

9. Track the GPS position and status of all radios and allow a user to query for position.

10. Forward GPS position data to any number of external applications via telnet connections.

11. Maintain a central database of all wireless devices, their statistics, their status, and their authorizations.

Raveon would like our customers and end-users to participate in the development of this technology. We have set up a website (www.raveontech.com/cigorn ) to manage this project. There is also a forum for comments, suggestions, and developer participation.

If you manage, sell, or use VHF or UHF radio networks, please take a look at the Cigorn project, and consider participating in it. We look forward to your input and ideas.

For more information, visit Raveon on the Web at: www.raveontech.com.

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