Wireless Broadband Solution serves indoor facilities.

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Combining radio and multiplexer devices into single indoor unit, WinLink(TM) 1000 All-Indoor wireless solution enables placement of only one passive antenna on outdoor tower. Unit supports 4T1s + Ethernet interfaces and operates at ranges of up to 50 miles with high capacity throughput of up to 48 Mbps.

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RADWIN Launches WinLink(TM) 1000 All-Indoor Solution for North America Market

WinLink(TM) 1000 All-Indoor Helps Operators to Dramatically Reduce Maintenance & Upkeep Costs

TEL-AVIV, Israel, November 7/ -- RADWIN (www.radwin.com), a leading provider of advanced wireless broadband solutions, today announced the launch of its WinLink(TM) 1000 All-Indoor wireless solution. WinLink(TM) 1000 All-Indoor has a unique design that combines the radio and multiplexer devices into a single indoor unit, enabling the placement of only a passive antenna on an outdoor tower.

With WinLink(TM) 1000, service providers and cellular carriers can simplify maintenance processes and significantly reduce manpower and operational costs by forgoing the need to scale outdoor towers to perform maintenance work.

"WinLink(TM) 1000 All-Indoor is a truly compelling addition to the successful WinLink(TM) 1000 product line, delivering an unmatched price/performance value offering," said Ilan Moshe, President of RADWIN US.

"Its single all-indoor enclosure affords easy access to the radio unit. This eliminates the need to scale towers for maintenance work, helping operators to dramatically reduce costs. The WinLink(TM) 1000 All-Indoor supports 4T1s + Ethernet interfaces - ideal for operators requiring a carrier-class, high power solution."

The latest addition to RADWIN's product portfolio, WinLink(TM) 1000 All-Indoor is extremely simple to install and operate, and can be up and running in an hour. Operating at ranges of up to 50 miles with high capacity throughput of up to 48 Mbps, WinLink(TM) 1000 All-Indoor provides carrier-class performance at the most competitive price. And because WinLink(TM) 1000 All-Indoor operates in license-exempt frequencies, it eliminates the costs and delays involved in leasing lines or trenching fiber.

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RADWIN's WinLink(TM) 1000 family of products is recognized throughout the world for its exceptional carrier class performance and extremely competitive price. To date, RADWIN's systems are installed in over 70 countries worldwide, providing voice and data connectivity at distances of over 50 miles with high capacity throughput. The WinLink(TM) 1000 systems power numerous applications - from cellular backhauling, to broadband access, to enterprise connectivity and video surveillance.


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