Wire Rope Tester utilizes non-destructive testing methods.

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Using non-destructive electromagnetic-inductive technology, RopeQ assesses inner and outer wires and strands of wire rope. Verifiable conditions can then be compared against discard criteria to ensure safe use. Able to detect flaws not visible on surface, tool fastens to wire rope assemblies and records series of interior images along entire length. Diagnostic survey pinpoints all areas and degrees of degradation, ensuring reliable, accurate, and repetitive results.

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RopeQ NDT from Konecranes Increases Safety and Reduces Wire Rope Costs

Konecranes, a global leader in manufacturing and servicing of overhead cranes and other lifting equipment, has developed RopeQ, a reliable and practical system that evaluates the working condition of wire ropes using advanced, proprietary Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) methods. RopeQ is a diagnostic tool that uses electromagnetic technology to assess the inner and outer wires and strands of a wire rope. This testing method achieves reliable, accurate, and repetitive inspection results that ensure safe use and may improve total lifecycle cost.

Backed by more than 60 years of experience and research in the design and maintenance of hoisting equipment, RopeQ applies an electromagnetic-inductive testing method to detect flaws that are not visible on the surface of wire ropes, producing an accurate assessment that can increase safety and reduce wire rope costs. The RopeQ diagnostic tool fastens to wire rope assemblies and records a series of interior images along the entire length of the wire rope. The diagnostic survey produces data that pinpoints all areas and degrees of degradation. The precise results help to determine whether continued use is safe or whether the rope needs to be changed.

RopeQ can improve the total lifecycle costs of equipment by optimizing wire rope change intervals in process duty and critical equipment. Throughout the working life of a wire rope, the strands and core are subjected to tension, bending, and abrasion, which can compromise strength and safety. Routine maintenance often relies on pre-determined replacement intervals regardless of the actual condition of the wire ropes, meaning that safe and operable ropes might be replaced too often or too soon, resulting in unnecessary downtime and increased costs. RopeQ produces verifiable condition assessments that can be compared against discard criteria, reducing the possibility of changing wire ropes that are still compliant with lifting regulations. Most importantly, RopeQ is able to detect flaws that are not visible to the naked eye, thus improving the overall safety of the lifting equipment.

RopeQ is appropriate for a wide range of applications, including but not limited to: steel mills, paper mills, steel service centers, foundries, waste-to-energy plants, pulp mills, chemical plants, power stations, nuclear power plants, aerospace, and general manufacturing.

To find out more about RopeQ or for more material handling products and services, contact Konecranes Inc., Region Americas Headquarters, 4401 Gateway Boulevard, Springfield, OH 45502, toll free at 1-800-934-6976, by fax 937-325-8945, or visit www.konecranesamericas.com.

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