Wire Grade resists corrosion in extreme environments.

Press Release Summary:

Stainless steel wire grade, Sandvik Sanicro 36Mo, is nitrogen-enhanced, austenitic alloy that resists effects of corrosion in chlorides, H2S, and CO2 environments. Contents of chromium, molybdenum, and nickel contribute to resistance against pitting, and tensile strength for slicklines and logging cable lines are 270 and 300 ksi, respectively. Slickline products range from 0.082-0.125 in. dia, while logging cables range from 0.0243-0.0445 in. dia.

Original Press Release:

New Wireline Steel Grade Offers Operating and Cost Benefits

A new stainless steel precision wire grade specially developed by Sandvik Materials Technology for sour service slicklines and logging cables offers both operating and cost benefits, including reduced down-time.

Designated Sandvik Sanicro 36Mo, the new grade is a nitrogen enhanced, high alloyed austenitic alloy for service in extreme conditions. It is characterised by high tensile strength and excellent corrosion resistance in chlorides, H2S and CO2 environments and has already been proven in field tests in aggressive well conditions.

The major innovation and key benefit for users, bringing both operating and cost benefits during well interventions, is an enhanced breaking load - 15 - 20% higher than other sour service grades. The tensile strength is 270ksi minimum for slicklines and 300ksi for logging cable lines. Proof strength is in the range of 85% of the tensile strength. This means that Sandvik Sanicro 36Mo slicklines can resist high loads without a permanent set of the wire. It also means that in a diameter to diameter comparison, the new grade provides a wider window of operation, greater safety, less risk of overload if jarring occurs and enables greater loads to be lowered into a well.

The increased breaking load advantage can also be used to reduce the wireline diameter required for a particular application which means easier management in the well.

However and as important, the enhanced properties of Sandvik Sanicro 36Mo slicklines enable operators to consider a 'one-size fits all concept' and thereby reduce inventory.

Typically today, 0.108" slicklines are used for day-to-day operations and 0.125" lines are kept in reserve for heavy jarring or fishing operations, either on the same winch or on a separate unit.

Sandvik Sanicro 36Mo slicklines offer other possibilities. For example a 0.116" wireline would provide a breaking load slightly above 0.125" in a conventional material grade and allow the same line to be used for both types of operation. For slickline operators utilising a separate winch for a 0.125" line, that necessity would disappear and represent a significant saving in machinery investment. In addition, the time needed to change from one line to another or from one winch to another would also disappear.

These operating and cost benefits are available without compromising corrosion resistance. Sandvik Sanicro 36Mo has excellent corrosion resistance and has been developed to resist high temperatures in chloride environments. High contents of chromium, molybdenum and nickel mean the alloy has a very high resistance against pitting.

The current slickline product programme comprises 0.082", 0.092", 0.105", 0.108" and 0.125" diameters and logging cables 0.0243", 0.0310", 0.0323", 0.0358" and 0.0445" diameters. Other sizes can be manufactured.

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