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Wire Feeders serve pipeline and ironworking industries.

Press Release Summary:

With dual-range wire feed speeds respectively set at factory to 50-400 and 50-700, LN-25 Pipe and LN-25 Ironworker® handle up to 450 A at 60% duty cycle. Both can feed .023-1/16 in. solid wire, .035-1/16 in. aluminum wire, and .030-5/64 in. cored wire. Extra Torque model, with variable speed from 30-400 ipm, handles wire from .030-3/32 in. Features include gas solenoid and internal contactor, trigger interlock switch, cast aluminum MAXTRAC® Wire Drive system, and polycarbonate case.

Original Press Release:

Lincoln Electric Adds the LN-25 Pipe and LN-25 Ironworker® Models to Its Construction Wire Feeder Line

Cleveland- Lincoln Electric has added the LN-25 Pipe and LN-25 Ironworker® to its line of compact construction-ready LN-25 wire feeders. This product family also includes the popular LN-25 PRO Standard, LN-25 PRO Extra Torque and LN-25 PRO Dual Power.

All LN-25 PRO wire feeders are designed to be simple to operate, reliable and easy to service. This line is ideal for ironworking, fabrication, shipyards and rental companies as well as for the pipeline and construction industries.

The feeders are rated to handle up to 450 amps at 60% duty cycle. Wire feed speed ranges are 50-700 ipm (1.3-17.7 m/min) or 30-400 ipm (0.8-10.1 m/min) for the Extra Torque model. All models are capable of feeding .023-1/16 in. (0.6-1.6 mm) solid wire, .035-1/16 in. (0.9-1.6 mm) aluminum wire and .030-5/64 in. (0.8-2.0 mm) cored wire (.030-3/32 in. (0.8-2.4 mm) for Extra Torque model.

All five models feature dual range wire feed speed to deliver greater precision at lower speeds. All also include a gas solenoid and internal contactor to run gas-shielded MIG and flux-cored wires. All but the industry-focused Pipe and Ironworker models include an integrated flow meter for quick shielding gas adjustments at the feeder. All models also include a trigger interlock switch allowing the operator to lock the gun trigger for added comfort when performing long welds.

The two new products - the LN-25 Pipe and LN-25 Ironworker - were developed to meet the individual needs of operators in the pipeline and ironworking industries. Compared to the Standard model, the two new models add a digital display for viewing amperage and wire feed speed at the feeder.

The LN-25 Pipe also has a 14 lb. Innershield® FCAW-S coil adapter and a variable wire feed speed range set at the factory to low (50-400 ipm). The LN-25 Ironworker is set at the factory to high (50 - 700 imp), and both of these wire feeders are outfitted with 5/64 in. (2.0 mm) cored wire drive rolls and a guide kit.

The Dual Power model is the only product in this family with a voltage control knob for superior arc control as well as MIG-STT® (Surface Tension Transfer®) capabilities. The LN-25 PRO Dual Power version can be powered by either a control cable or across the arc cable. The Extra Torque model has high torque gearing for sure feeding of large diameter flux-cored wires.

Each model features Lincoln Electric's proven heavy-duty cast aluminum MAXTRAC® Wire Drive system for trouble-free wire feeding, accurate wire placement and outstanding durability. All models are housed in a lightweight, impact and flame resistant polycarbonate case that is easily replaced in minutes if necessary. The feeders' internal PC boards are protected with a potted shield and placed in a sturdy tray to guard against moisture, dust and corrosion.

These products are available at a welding supply store near you. Or contact Lincoln Electric at (888) 355-3213 or to obtain bulletin E8.101 to learn more about the LN-25 wire feeder line.

The Lincoln Electric Company, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, is the world leader in the design, development and manufacture of arc welding products, robotic arc welding systems, fume control systems and plasma and oxyfuel cutting equipment. The company holds a leading global position in the brazing and soldering alloys market.

Please send prospect lead inquiries only to Lincoln Electric c/o Ultimate Lead Systems, Inc., P.O. Box 739, Berea, OH 44017.

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