Wire Duct Cutters make cuts without burrs.

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Bench-mount Model BL-120 accurately cuts slotted PVC wire duct from 1-4.7 in. wide x 4.7 in. high. A 24 in. high leverage handle facilitates clean cutting on 90° angle. Unit includes built-in fixed metal guard to protect operator, measuring guide ruler, and adjustable end stop to permit setup of repeat cuts up to 27.5 in. Blade is replaceable, ensuring smooth, continuous cutting. To accommodate smaller volumes, hand-held Model WT-1 cuts PVC wire duct up to 4 in. wide.

Original Press Release:

Easy-to-use, Bench-mount, Wire Duct Cutter

IRVING, TEXAS, DECEMBER 15, 2003. Yes Controls introduces an easy-to-use, bench-mount wire duct cutter designed for the small to medium sized panel shop. Designated Model BL-120, this high productivity tool accurately cuts any slotted PVC wire duct, narrow or wide finger, from 1" (25 mm) wide to approximately 4.7" wide x 4.7" high (120 mm x 120 mm). A 24" high leverage handle guarantees effortless wire duct cutting quickly and cleanly on a 90° angle. Cuts are made without burrs, eliminating the need for operator de-burring. Wire duct covers, with a maximum width of 4.7" can also be cut. The bench-mount wire duct cutter is designed to operate after being firmly mounted on a bench. To ensure personnel safety, a built-in fixed metal guard protects the operator. The unit comes standard with a measuring guide ruler and an adjustable end stop to permit setup of repeat cuts up to 27.5" (700 mm). The cutting blade is replaceable, ensuring smooth, continuous cutting of virtually all wire ducts. To accommodate a smaller volume of wire duct cutting, Yes Controls also offers a new hand-held tool specifically designed for cutting most types of PVC wire duct up to 4" wide (100 mm). This tool features a special steel blade and ergonomically designed, easy-grip handle, allowing users to easily cut wire duct without burrs, and eliminate duct sawing and filing of rough duct edges. Yes Controls' bench-mount wire duct cutter, model BL-120 is priced at $549.00. The hand-held wire duct cutter, Model WT-1, is priced at $82.50. Both tools are available from stock. To receive free literature, call: 972-871-0033, fax: 972-871-0127, email: sales@yescontrols.com, or visit our website at yescontrols.com.

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