Wire Containers in Closed Loop Shipping Strategy

Utilizing wire containers in the packaging, transportation and handling of your materials is an incredibly effective shipping strategy. When implementing a launch schedule restricted by a budget, suppliers will look to move the most product with the least amount of capital investment. Container right sizing and redesign options allow production facilities to achieve significant financial impact, and wire containers continue to remain a packaging mainstay.

If you’re a supplier, production engineer, or production facility searching for strategies that keep the integrity of the packaging and quality of the delivery all in-line with a budget, you need the returnable/reusable option that’s safe. With wire containers, you can get many cycles out of the highly protective containers, all while keeping substantial bottom-line cost savings.

Shipping one-way in corrugated boxes is unnecessarily expensive. However, if a product is shipped in a closed loop application, meaning the product is shipped in protective wire containers and then those containers are collapsed and returned, then wire baskets are a great long-term investment. You can get hundreds of cycles before having to replace them. The benefits of using wire containers in your closed loop shipping strategy are numerous including:


The benefits of having collapsible wire containers are found in both the truck and the plant. When a factory ships a product to a vendor or customer and then ships the wire containers back, they are collapsed in order to pack in more for the return journey. When you fit as many baskets as possible in the least amount of space, you can then reduce the freight cost of return shipping. Finally, when the containers make it back to your plant, you can store all of them easily without taking up too much space.

Protection and Durability

Sturdy wire containers have a mesh that act as a basket to keep products in place and protect them in transportation. High-quality wire containers have accurately placed welds that are durable and can withstand even the rockiest shipping journeys, reducing product damage. They also last significantly longer than their plastic counterparts, reducing costs in the long term.

Maximizing space

Containers help maximize storage space on a trailer due to its size options and stacking abilities. Most manufacturers make containers in multiple sizes, enabling businesses to tailor the containers to their shipping and storage needs. On top of that (literally) you can stack them. When in use, they can stack 3-4 containers high, increasing storage density and handling efficiency.

Environmentally friendly

Wire containers used in closed loop applications replace the need for cardboard boxes and stretch wrap – reducing waste and even saving you a couple of pennies.

More benefits

  • You can accessorize them with casters, dividers, lids and more for even better value

  • You can better identify objects in see-through mesh

  • Easier access to objects with a half-drop gate

  • Lightweight for easy and efficient handling

  • The metal wire hardly requires cleaning

When you utilize reusable/returnable wire containers, you effectively protect your product and maximize your storage space in a variety of ways—all while saving money making it the best solution for your warehouse transportation needs.

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