Windows Debugger promotes flexible task automation.

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RoboTask v2.5 lets users test Windows conditions, create conditional IF/ELSE statements, perform loops, create custom variables, and automate repetitive tasks, all without writing code. Through its visual interface, program enables selected actions to be combined into certain task. Users can also choose time or triggering event to accommodate any type of simple or complex automation. Software can loop tasks and perform them on conditions, promoting operational flexibility.

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RoboTask 2.5

Let Your PC Take Care of All Repetitive Actions without Writing Any Batch Files or Scripts

Neowise Software today announces the release of version 2.5 of RoboTask, a popular Windows application that makes automation of any series of tasks you'd like to perform on your PC so easy that it becomes available for anyone. With RoboTask you can test Windows conditions, create conditional IF/ELSE statements, perform loops, create custom variables, and quickly automate repetitive tasks and all that without writing a single line of code!

Computer is supposed to save our time and it certainly does. But there is such a strange tendency - the more you work with computer, the more time it starts stealing from you. All these tasks that need to be repeated over and over. Each of them separately takes no more than a couple of minutes but all combined they can rid you of a good lot of time. Automation is what we need and what RoboTask brings to us, whether we are programmers or simple users.

RoboTask is great for several reasons: it is small (64Mb of RAM and at maximum 7Mb of free disk), its rich and complex functionality is accompanied by real ease of use, it is robust and effective and all this is offered for an awfully generous price. The visual interface, provided by RoboTask, lets you select and combine actions into a certain task, choose time or triggering event (which can be virtually any event on your computer) and thus accommodate just about any type of simple or complex automation, without the need to create batch files or write complicated scripts. RoboTask is able to loop tasks and perform them on conditions and so provides a great level of flexibility. There is absolutely no need to be a programmer - just use RoboTask and build your own automated solutions quickly and easily.

RoboTask allows you to do very complex things, but its developers don't stop at that. Neowise Software offers a couple of free add-ons that extend the system even further. A powerful DVD/CD writer add-on lets you check on the presence of media, capacity remaining, eject and load media, and much more. There is also a BASIC interpreter add-on with a built-in editor that includes a graphical user dialog editor and a debugger, all of which makes developing scripts really easy. RoboTask is constantly developing. Version 2.5 offers an improved task editor interface and new actions such as FTP Synchronization and Terminate process.

Today you can take any combination of tasks on your computer, ranging from simply launching applications, seeing if the files in a particular folder have changed, to checking e-mail, moving or backing up files, uploading or downloading, etc. and let RoboTask take the heavy load of their manual execution off your shoulders! Simply download RoboTask, start using it, have a look at the examples provided and you will have tons of ideas!

Tasks Automated by RoboTask
- Running applications and opening documents
- Managing automatic backups
- Alerting you of any changes in your folders
- Shutting down Windows and powering off your PC triggered by any event you choose
- Processing files and folders
- Working with FTP and Web servers (downloading, uploading, etc)
- Sending letters and files by e-mail
- Starting and stopping Windows NT services
- Sending network messages as WinPopups
- Acting as an alarm clock
- And many more!

Pricing and Availability
RoboTask 2.5 runs under Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003 and costs $99.95 (USD) (Personal license) or from $149.95 (USD) to $14.95 (USD) (Business license), depending on the number of licenses you purchase. Registered customers are entitled to free minor upgrades, large discounts for major upgrades and lifetime, high priority technical support. An evaluation version of RoboTask is available as a free download at (3.27 Mb).

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