Windows Boot Disk assists digital forensic experts.

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Based on Microsoft Windows PE 3.0 platform, SAFE v1.2 allows for full write-blocked decryption and acquisition of BitLocker protected volumes using any Windows-based acquisition tools. Vendor-independent disk enables digital investigators to boot any x86-based computer into forensically sound environment. It provides HPA and DCO identification and locking, user-selectable video resolution at boot time, and case, hardware, and write-block status logging.

Original Press Release:

ForensicSoft Announces Latest Release of Windows Boot Disk SAFE Version 1.2

PROVIDENCE, R.I., -- Today, ForensicSoft released the latest version of its popular and field-proven Windows forensic boot environment, SAFE Version 1.2. SAFE is a forensically sound, vendor-independent Windows boot disk that is used around the world by digital forensic experts and litigation support specialists, as well as with government agencies, law enforcement, military and the intelligence communities. This new version of SAFE is based on the Microsoft Windows PE 3.0 platform, allowing for fully write-blocked decryption and acquisition of BitLocker protected volumes using any of your familiar Windows-based acquisition tools.

With the simple and easy-to-use SAFE boot CD, or optional USB boot stick, digital investigators are able to boot any x86-based computer into a forensically sound environment. All disks attached to the booted system, including fixed, removable, and any disks attached after the SAFE environment is running, will be write-blocked using ForensicSoft's unique software write-blocking engine. SAFE ensures correct write-blocking for all mass storage devices including PATA, SATA, SSD, SAS, SCSI, Fibre Channel, USB, IEEE 1394, RAID, and more. And once booted, investigators are able to leverage their existing familiar Windows-based forensic tools from within the SAFE environment.

Other benefits include:

-- Perform BitLocker operations and acquisitions while both the physical disk and any logically mounted BitLocker volumes are write-blocked

-- HPA & DCO identification and unlocking

-- Downloadable USB boot disk builder, ideal for booting computers without optical drives like Netbooks, MacBook Air, and other newer laptops

-- Full or minimal boot options (for computers with limited RAM)

-- User-selectable video resolution at boot time

-- Case, hardware and write-block status logging

-- Quickly and easily add additional Windows device drivers during runtime

-- Full NTFS & NTFS Compressed support

-- Built-in support for EnCase, FTK Imager, X-Ways Forensics & WinHex, and a variety of other common forensic and security Windows software tools

-- 12 months of product maintenance and support

SAFE is a dongled product available in two configurations: SAFE Consultant ($399), which requires the dongle to remain inserted at all times during use; and SAFE Enterprise ($1,199), which allows for multi-tasking through the removal of the dongle after booting. The dongle is licensed for 12-months, after which time all functions of your existing SAFE boot CDs or USB disks will continue to operate, however the ability to run downloaded add-ons such as the SAFE USB Builder and Tools Disk Creator will cease to operate with an expired dongle.

All registered and licensed customers of SAFE versions 1.0 and 1.1 may download version 1.2 from their account at, which will work with all non-expired SAFE dongles or by renewing the support agreement of an expired dongle. Customers wishing to renew their support agreement may also do so from their ForensicSoft account.

For more information, please visit or contact Sean Alvarez at or (401) 489-7559.

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