Wind Measurement Instruments suit commercial applications.

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Able to record speeds in excess of 200 mph, wind speed sensors are available with voltage, frequency, or pulse counting outputs and feature black Lexan cups that resist and shed ice. Handheld anemometer, offered in battery (DIC-3) and self-powered (BTC) models, features 3 cups to obtain accurate readings regardless of position. Also available, wind alarms provide warning for and control of wind-sensitive equipment via thumbwheel switch-selectable speed level thresholds.

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Maximum Announces New Commercial Instrument Line

New Bedford, Mass. - Maximum, a world leader in weather instruments, announced today a range of products designed for commercial applications. Consisting of wind speed sensors, hand held anemometers and wind alarms, the commercial instrument range can be integrated into devices designed to measure, report and/or control weather sensitive equipment and environments depending on the desired application. Ideal for a variety of commercial, industrial and government settings, the Maximum product line offers both analog and digital instruments featuring professional quality movements with accuracy that has been rigorously tested. Maximum commercial instruments provide weather assessment solutions that deliver increased convenience and efficiency.

Based on Maximum technology, recognized for recording wind speeds in excess of 200 mph, the company's commercial wind speed sensors have a rugged design and are ideal for any device sensitive to wind velocity. The sensors provide low moment of inertia and employ unique bearings that allow for rapid response to gusts and lulls. Its durable black Lexan cups have thermal properties, which allow them to resist and shed icing far more effectively than metal assemblies. Because of their output linearity, these highly accurate sensors are ideal for use with various data retrieval systems.

Maximum's commercial handheld anemometer line is available in battery (DIC-3) and self-powered (BTC) models. These handheld instruments are lightweight, portable extremely durable and feature folding cups for compact, easy storage. Unlike fan-based designs, Maximum anemometers are the only 3-cup handheld devices, ensuring accurate readings regardless of the devices' position in the wind.

Maximum's wind alarms provide warning for and control of wind-sensitive equipment, and can be used to alert users to high or low wind speeds. Allowing for straightforward customization, users can set thumb-wheel switches to two desired wind speed levels. When a wind speed measure achieves or exceeds the first setting, a yellow warning light illuminates and one internal Single Pole, Double Throw (SPDT) relay activates. When wind speed achieves or exceeds the second setting, a red light illuminates, an 85dB piezo buzzer sounds, and the second internal SPDT relay is activated.

"Maximum has incorporated highly-versatile, scientifically-accurate measuring devices into our new commercial weather product line allowing for easy integration into third party applications," said Peter Kilgore, president, Maximum. "Our products have been incorporated into commercial applications ranging from construction to energy conservation and efficiency, ensuring that the breadth of products and innovative solutions a company can design using our products are truly limitless."

Maximum wind speed sensors are available with voltage, frequency or pulse counting outputs. All sensors have a start-up threshold of less than 4 MPH, operate between -67 and +140 degrees Fahrenheit and within a humidity range of 0 to 100% RH.

Maximum's DIC-3 handheld battery operated anemometer weighs a scant 10 ounces and has four selectable scales (MPH, Knots, km/h or m/s) that can be shown on the 2-digit LCD screen. A single 9-Volt battery is included and powers the LCD for up to 70 hours of continuous use. The DIC-3 provides readings up to 125 MPH in one of four modes: instantaneous velocity, highest gust since reset, 2-minute or 5-minute wind speed average. The Maximum BTC self-operated anemometer weighs 7 oz. and registers wind speeds from 0-35 MPH or 0-70 MPH (also scaled 0-30 Knots and 0-60 Knots) with its ruggedized jeweled meter movement. Users can select high or low range with the press of a button. Both the DIC-3 and BTC have a 3-cup rotor that is 5.88-inch in diameter when extend. Each cup collapses for easy storage. The instruments are shipped complete with a protective carrying case.

The Maximum wind alarm is available in 12 or 24VDC models and can be factory calibrated in MPH, km/h or Knots. Shipped complete with sensor, cable, stub-mast and mounting hardware, the Maximum wind alarm is housed in a 6.3"H x 4.72"W x 3.29"D weather-tight polycarbonate case and utilizes a non micro-processor circuit to minimize occurrence of latch-up. The alarm is accurate to +/- 2 MPH and can operate with an AC adapter, available as an option.

In addition to products included in the new commercial line, all of the Maximum renowned weather instruments are scientifically accurate and can be used in commercial environments.

Pricing and Availability:
Maximum commercial wind sensors, handheld anemometers and wind alarm are currently available and range in price from $60 to $545. Maximum commercial instruments can be purchased from authorized Maximum retailers worldwide, or from the new commercial product website,, launching mid-April, 2007. Each commercial instrument carries an unparalleled limited five-year factory warranty. For more information on Maximum commercial instruments, to locate dealers, or to learn more about Maximum and its entire product line, please contact 508-995-2200 or visit

About Maximum:
Maximum, Inc., a recognized leader in weather instrument design, manufacturing and support, was founded in 1968 and has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Imtra Corp. since 1986. With corporate offices and production facilities in New Bedford, Massachusetts, Maximum weather instruments are distributed globally via a network of authorized dealers. Maximum offers a full line of brass cased weather instruments to monitor wind, temperature, barometric pressure and precipitation conditions. Used in both consumer and commercial applications, Maximum weather instruments have been proven to withstand some of the world's harshest environments. Maximum Wireless, offers the industry's first and only selection of brass cased, wireless, analog and digital weather instruments. All Maximum instruments are covered by an industry best 5-year warranty. For more information, please visit

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