Winbond Sideshow Embedded Controller Powers the New Generation of Microsoft Remote Controls for Windows Media Center PCs at 2007 International CES®

LAS VEGAS, Nevada, January 9 -- Winbond (TSE: 2344) (, strikes at CES 2007 with another demonstration of an innovative Microsoft Windows Vista application - a PC remote control that displays user information and runs Windows Vista applications.

"ShowMe", a controller using Windows SideShow technology is at the core of a new generation of Remote Controls for Media Center PCs.

These new hand-held remote controls communicate with a PC running Windows Vista, down-load real-time data and display it on a QVGA LCD screen to the user sitting comfortably on their living room couch.

ShowMe - Showcasing Windows Vista SideShow Technology

This small, sleek embedded controller was co-developed by Winbond teams in Israel and Taiwan, for use in a remote control, changing the way users interact with their Media Center PCs.

Windows SideShow technology, as implemented with Winbond's ShowMe Family of products, will add a new dimension to home entertainment PCs users.

The Windows ShowMe controller, embedded in a remote control, allows users to browse media and access their data remotely from a media PC, even while the PC is running other applications or is in another room. Stored information in the remote control can be accessed even when the PC is off.

The ShowMe-based remote control uses a wireless Bluetooth link. All data is presented using the Microsoft .NET Microframework, specially adapted for the remote-control experience. Windows Vista synchronizes the data to the host applications.

Winbond's "ShowMe" Product Line

Winbond's comprehensive ShowMe product family will comprise the Basic, and Enhanced Windows SideShow devices, that will offer PC and remote control designers a wide spectrum of capabilities for cached data and on-line solutions. Winbond's ongoing development program includes advanced controllers that will enable a full range of solutions, ranging from a basic one-line LCD display to an enhanced hi-resolution QVGA LCD, or even higher resolution display.

According to Jonathan Levy, General Manager of the Advanced PC Group at Winbond, "The SideShow-based remote control extends the PC limits and enriches the user experience. Winbond, as a major player in the PC market, offers its experience to combine the benefits of PC solutions with remote controls.

We are enthusiastic about our cooperation with Microsoft on its Windows SideShow remote controls for Media Center PCs and we expect that this market will grow significantly in the next few years."

Winbond follows the Microsoft standards and complies with the Microsoft firmware operating system, to provide remote control and PC developers with a straightforward, easy to maintain, and update, extendable solution.

According to Bill Mitchell, corporate vice president at Microsoft, "The joining of Winbond's ShowMe controller with Microsoft's Windows SideShow technology based remote control introduce new and interesting possibilities for Windows Vista users."

About Winbond

Winbond Electronics Corporation, a leading supplier of IC product solutions, was founded in Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan in 1987. The Company has excellent capacity in product design, research and development, manufacturing, marketing and sales services.

Winbond owns two business groups - Logic IC Business Group and Memory IC Business Group. The Logic IC Business Group focuses on two specific sectors including micro c-based consumer ICs and computer logic ICs. The Memory IC Business Group is dedicated in Mobile RAM and Flash memory. It covers major products in the field of low power DRAM, Specialty DRAM, Pseudo SRAM, Commodity DRAM, and low-density Flash etc.

Winbond operates one 300mm wafer fab, two 200mm wafer fabs and one 150mm wafer fab. The company currently employs over 5,000 people and holds more than 2,500 patents worldwide. Winbond also has subsidiaries located in Mainland China, America, Japan and Israel. More information is available at:

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