WiMAX Testing Kit offers choice of 3 frequencies.

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Helping carriers optimize signals, WiMAX Testing Kit is suitable for 700 MHz, 2.5 GHz, and 3.5 GHz networks. Gator(TM) Class A stimulus transmitter provides CW radio beacon for proposed tower site, while YellowFrog(TM) 2 power meter validates RF output levels at transmitter antenna end. With Coyote(TM) dual-band modular receiver, users can perform drive-studies, walk-about, or in-building studies. Geo-coded, drive-study data can then be post-processed using Forecaster(TM) site survey mapping software.

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BVS Showcases New WiMAX Pre-Deployment Kit at WCA 2008

METUCHEN, New Jersey. - April 21, 2008 - Berkeley Varitronics Systems, Inc. introduced an all-in-one WiMAX pre-deployment and testing kit solution for 700 MHz, 2.5 GHz and 3.5 GHz networks at the WCA 2008 show in Washington DC.

BVS announces the release and availability of a complete WiMAX pre-deployment testing solution that includes a stimulus test transmitter, modular test receiver, handheld power meter and a complete site survey drive-study PC software package. In addition, the WiMAX KIT components all fit into one ruggedized, hard transport Pelican® case. The WiMAX kit will be demonstrated as part of BVS' "Ready...Set...WiMAX!" campaign at booth #11 at this year's WCA 2008 in Washington DC running from April 21-23.

"The WCA show is an excellent venue to showcase our WiMAX pre-deployment testing kit. With rapid build-out of WiMAX networks globally, coupled with the recently auctioned off frequency blocks such as 700 MHz, BVS anticipates a wide opening in the market for turnkey, pre-deployment WiMAX testing and simulation solutions. Carmine Caferra, (NorthEastern Regional Sales Manager) will be present to provide an overview of our WiMAX Kit ", says Scott Schober, BVS President & CEO.

The WiMAX kit comes ready for engineers and installers right out of the box with a choice of three popular frequencies: 700 MHz, 2.5 GHz or 3.5 GHz. Berkeley's popular Gator(TM) Class A stimulus transmitter provides the CW radio beacon for the proposed tower site. The included YellowFrog(TM) 2 power meter validates precise RF output levels at the transmitter antenna end. Drive-studies, walk-about or in-building studies may be performed with the dual Coyote(TM) dual-band modular receiver. From there, geo-coded, drive-study data can be post-processed using Berkeley's Forecaster(TM) site survey mapping software. By performing WiMAX pre-deployment surveys, carriers can optimize signals by visualizing and preventing problems such as overlap, interference and network holes in coverage.

Visit www.bvsystems.com for more news and be sure to visit us at WCA 2008 (April 22nd) in the BVS Booth #11.

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