Will Obsolescence End the Working Life of your Vital System?

"The British are coming!" was being shouted all over Boston more than 200 years ago, and as a direct result,  you now are the world's only superpower.  Well the British are back again in the form of David Purdie Associates LLC (DPA) now located in Florida.  David has chosen to bring the best of what he was offering in Britain for almost 30 years and introduce it here.  DPA LLC is an American company with an American owner, but with some excellent ideas and skills brought from the old country, especially to fill a need being experienced here.

DPA is now supplying solutions to Mil/Aero companies who are suffering end of life obsolescence, that would either cause an OEM to redesign and remanufacture or a user to search the market and buy a new system; maybe just because a very small part had failed.  DPA is offering this set of solutions to companies based on a similar premise to that in the UK – but here it's American companies getting solutions manufactured, assembled and conceived here in the US.

David Purdie Associates are generalist engineers specializing in re-engineering anything and everything that can't be purchased anymore – any technology, any specification, and any quantity.  Examples would be: high specification PSUs, connectors, transformers, hydraulic valves, radiator and intercooler systems; and not forgetting the humble PCB where the artwork has either been lost, stored on the wrong medium or disappeared with a company when it closed down. We work from as little as a copy board, and create artworks, assembly drawings, and BOMs.

Once upon a time, these problems would cause huge disruption to major corporations, but now they are only one phone call away from a solution.  Our clients receive a fixed price quotation, and the solutions normally take from 4 to 6 weeks to have a prototype ready for testing.  You might assume that a service like this would be very expensive and that it only works for maintaining major military contracts.  You'll be pleased to discover that our solutions are very cost effective and time efficient for these nightmares faced by MROs and the military alike.

Having a long history in this field, David Purdie is very used to the quality standards of all forms of military and civil aircraft design and support.  This, combined with extraordinary levels of customer service and attention to detail, should assure even the most skeptical people in your organization that we offer a sensible solution for these potential end of product/system problems.

We would be pleased to set up a meeting with you and or your nominated representative, and after hearing about your issues we can give a presentation on how you could benefit from some innovative thinking, and achieve the twin goals of cost reduction and maintaining support to your customers.  David has already given a similar presentation twice to NavAir at Pax River, DMEA, COG and countless Prime Contractors to the Military.

Turn your company from one on the brink of disaster into the next superpower in your industry.  Visit our website at www.davidpurdieassociates.com and then call David on (352) 816-3873.

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