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WiFi-Based Sensors monitor temperature, RH, and energy.

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Oct 29, 2012 - Suitable for hospitals, pharmaceuticals, and food storage, Sentinel Sensors are battery-powered units featuring Wi-Fi sensing hardware, portable alarm unit, and software for monitoring, reporting, and storing critical storage condition data over time. Capable of monitoring temperature from -200 to +250°C and RH from 0–100%, sensors allow authorized personnel to view precise data over enterprise class security links, and provide alerts if environmental conditions vary beyond specified range.

Aginova Inc. - Freehold, NJ

Original Press Release

Aginova's New, Affordable Low Power, WiFi-Based Temperature and Energy Sensors Boost Reliability, Convenience for Hospitals, Pharmaceuticals and Food Storage

Press release date: Oct 22, 2012

FREEHOLD, N.J., -- Aginova Inc., a sensor technology company, is introducing today its Sentinel product line, a line of battery powered WiFi based sensors for monitoring temperature, relative humidity, and energy for a myriad of applications. The solution includes the most advanced Wi-Fi sensing hardware, a portable alarm unit, and a comprehensive software package for monitoring, reporting, and storing of critical storage condition data over time.

The WiFi wireless leverages the existing ubiquitous Wi-Fi network. As a result, the new temperature monitoring solution provides the security, manageability, convenience and benefits of Wi-Fi along with >3 years of battery life. Utilizing Wi-Fi for sensors enables a cost effective way for monitoring. Aginova's solution allows authorized personnel to view precise data over enterprise class security links, and provides alerts in the event that environmental conditions vary beyond a specified range. The system can page, email and visually alert any computer screen whenever food, lab samples, pharmaceuticals or other temperature sensitive items are outside prescribed parameters.

Hospitals can use the sensors to improve patient care and maintain regulatory compliance while providing automated and detailed reports on any piece of equipment for any time period for JCAHO, AOA, CAP, FDA, USDA or the Health Department. In addition, the sensors can also provide temperature logs, operating parameters, alarms and corrective actions to be taken while eliminating human error and the cost of manual temperature documentation. Similarly, for food storage monitoring applications there are different regulatory bodies requiring that there be an audit trail for the storage and appropriate alarming and alerting system.

Sensors in the Sentinel product line include temperature (monitored from -200C to +250C), relative humidity (0% to 100%), CO2 (0 to 20%), light, leak or wetness, and a series of energy monitoring sensors (Sentinel Plug and Sentinel Power to measure total energy consumption, power factor etc.). In addition to the sensors the solution includes wireless audio or visual alarms, wireless panic alarms and wireless door opening alarms.

The Sentinel product line is simple to use - just turn the sensor on, download the software application to your desktop and get to work!

Aginova has also introduced the iCelsius product line ( that works with Apple's iOS platform. Over the coming months, Aginova plans to release additional wireless sensors that will work with apple devices.

Pricing Availability
Sentinel product line starts at a price of $99 from online store.

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Aginova Inc. provides affordable, low power sensor solutions that make the world come alive by providing customers actionable feedback from their environment. Aginova's products bring the sensor world to the internet using web services and are used in commercial environmental monitoring applications as well as condition based maintenance applications. For more information, visit

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