Wide Format Inkjet Printer suits promotional product market.

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Mimaki UJF-706 employs piezo-electric print head in staggered formation that can print white and color ink simultaneously. Sized to accommodate parts up to 28.34 x 24.40 x 5.9 in., flatbed contains vacuum to securely hold part in place. Included software features automatic optical image mark recognition capabilities, which can recall where images are placed on parts. Working with 2 types of UV ink, product supports printing on hard and soft surfaces.

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Mimaki UJF-706 Wide Format Inkjet Printer for the Promotional Product Market

Danvers, MA - Inkcups Now Corporation, the official servicing dealer of Mimaki printers to the United States, has added the UJF-706 wide format printer to their line of high-end inkjet printers. The Mimaki UJF-706 has a lot of new features compared to previous models, including 2 types of ink that accommodate hard or soft materials.

Similar to the smaller model (UJF-3042), the Mimaki UJF-706 features a piezo-electric print head in a staggered formation. This redesigned print head can print white and color ink simultaneously. The wide format printer offers a hard or soft UV ink. The hard ink is strong, great for hard surfaces such as plastics and metals. The soft UV ink is pliable and is great for items that are soft and tend to bend. The UJF-706 can print in up to 8 different colors.

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Building upon previous model Mimaki printers, the UJF-706 has expanded their flatbed size in order to accommodate larger parts up to 28.34" x 24.40" x 5.9" (LWH.) With a larger part area, the user can now print on items that were once too large for an inkjet. The flatbed of the printer contains a vacuum to securely hold the part in place.

One of the most impressive features of the Mimaki UJF-706 is the software that comes with the machine. The UJF-706 software features automatic optical image mark recognition software that can keep a memory of where images are placed on parts. Excellent for printing on items such as name badges in which most of the print is the same and slight adjustments need to be made.

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Inkcups Now is a one-stop supplier for the decorators of 3-dimensional products and tagless apparel. ICN offers a complete line of pad printing machines & supplies, screen printing equipment and supplies plus computer-to-plate laser etching machines & laser plate makers as well as flatbed inkjet printers. ICN supplies companies in the promotional product, electronics, medical, automotive, tagless garment and other industries. In addition to supplies and machines, ICN provides a range of services: training, plate making, laser engraving, color matching and mixing, ink adhesion testing. Through J3 Global Finance, a closely held subsidiary, Inkcups Now facilitates leasing of the full line of ICN equipment. Corporate offices are located in the US (MA, CA, GA, RI, AZ), Canada (ON) and Honduras (Choloma). Technical support is offered in English and Spanish.

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