Why the Need for 3-Axis Scan Heads Positioning Architecture Technology?

Hudson NH — Nutfield Technology (http://www.nutfieldtech.com) the leader in galvanometer laser scanner manufacturing notes that with the increasing proliferation of lasers, laser technology and new materials, there is an increased need for laser beam positioning options.  One of the more exiting positioning architecture technologies is the introduction of 3-axis scan heads.

With a post-objective3-axis scan head, the beam enters an expander lens where it diverges rapidly until it enters an objective lens. The beam then converges and passes through, and is steered by, a set of X and Y mirrors, which are galvanometer mirrors.

Post-objective 3-axis scan heads offer designers the speed advantages over a 2-axis system. They can also provide a small spot size and the ability to scan large field sizes like an X, Y plotter. A post-object laser scanner architecture has a two-dimensional x-y scanning mechanism that's placed after a movable expander lens and a focusing objective lens. These scan heads are also very good at operating in three dimensions. Because of these attributes, the 3-axis scan head is ideal for cutting, marking, rapid prototyping, drilling, and imaging on contoured surfaces. They work well on photosensitive plates, wood, textiles, tiles, metals, paper and stone.

For more information about the galvanometer mirrors 3-axis scan heads or any of  Nutfield Technology's line of highly precise laser scan heads, please visit http://www.nutfieldtech.com.

About Nutfield Technology

Nutfield Technology has been designing and manufacturing advanced galvanometer based optical scanners, scan heads, laser scan kits, and scan control software and hardware since 1997.  As the one-stop solution for laser scanning, Nutfield Technology has a full product line ideally suited for most laser scanning applications.  Nutfield Technology is located in Hudson, New Hampshire, 30 miles north of Boston with representation in the U.S., Europe and Asia. For more details visit us at: http://www.nutfieldtech.com.

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