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Why Financial Stability Is Important for Your Injection Molder

Financial stability for the company handling your injection molding will clearly have an impact on the choices and decisions that are made while your project is in their system.

There is a chain response occurrence when funding is short in company budgets, and some of these realities include situations such as the following:

o Your injection molder makes calls about quality and cost, which we know change when cash flow is short or budgets are tighter than they should be for healthy functioning.

o When low on operating funds it is difficult to stay on top of newest technologies and state of the art equipment.

o Flexibility is also limited when budgets are tightened. Designs change, materials are chosen differently

Choose Stable Partners, Research Quality Before Choosing

Crescent Industries is a dedicated financially stable, long-term partner who will support your custom injection molding requirements. Our employee-owners are committed to continually stretching towards new levels of excellence.

To us this means:

o throughout all phases of our business.

o being passionate about contributing to our customer's success

o taking pride in our financial stability

o succeeding for over 65 years in business.

We deliver quality service to the Pharmaceutical, Dental industries and Defense Departments. We also supply Medical, Safety, Electronic/Electrical as well as Aerospace, OEM/Industrial and Consumer industries. We do this by manufacturing diverse, high quality plastic components, and then offering integrated, single-source solutions.

Our engineering services for tooling and molding give you a complete product development that starts right here.

Research For Flexibility, Years of Experience and Verify Quality

We have an on-site tooling facility that provides mold building and mold maintenance. We also offer mold repair services. Our goal is to completely satisfy our customers' needs. At Crescent Industries we deliver precision Swiss screw-machined components. These are production machined components so they will be insert molded, or finished product.

Crescent performs varieties of plastic injection molding processes which include different types of molding such as over-molding or insert-molding. We also implement injection moldable metal alloys. We do this in order to produce high volumes of metal components. We also produce molds that are 3.5" by 5" that go all the way up to 24" by 30."

There many injection molding companies. Few actually take the time and effort to deliver consistent superior-finish products. It's tempting to go with the molding solution that is cheapest, but costs for molding products that don't have adequate quality measures in place-- can't be measured.

Any time you are forced to redo molds it costs money and time, especially within production. It also costs through customer loyalty after the products are released, as an inferior product always has an over-arching impact.

Always make sure you take the time required to evaluate some of the most effective tools and processes to guarantee you have a high-quality injection molded product.

Quality is embedded within excellence. At Crescent Industries, everywhere you look this is exactly what you will find. Excellence and quality in every step of every product we deliver.

For more information on Crescent's services and capabilities, call ll 1-800-411-3844 or visit our website

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