Why Do Most Major Circuit Breaker Manufacturers Recommend APM HEXSEAL's Environmental Protection Sealing System for Hostile Conditions?

In many applications circuit breakers are exposed to harsh environmental conditions that could shorten their actuation life and affect reliability. Major circuit breaker manufacturers recommend APM Hexseal's IP66/68 rated environmental protection sealing boots because they are made from tough, pliable silicone that protect the breaker and mounting holes against exposure and harm from wash downs, salt water, lubricants, cleaning solvents, dust, dirt, grease and other environmental elements. APM's sealing boots are available for toggle, pushbutton, rocker and lever-actuated circuit breakers. Each are customized for different applications and have different environmental sealing challenges.

The mounting hardware used in association with lever style breaker boots has to incorporate its own high-pressure sealing system making a positive sealing contribution. APM invented the first self-sealing screw (SEELSKREW®) for circuit breaker boot-flange mounting which seals to 20,000psi.

Most (lever & pushbutton circuit breakers) require the ability of the operator to see the position (status) of the actuator/LED. Matching sealing boots (covers) must be transparent, and remain so for the life of the breaker. A highly flexible clear silicone rubber, which is most frequently used for the enclosure portion, has to be of correct durometer and geometry to address varied tactile and ergonomic considerations. It also must remain clear for the rated life of the sealing boot (cover) and NOT turn yellow as ordinary silicone rubber does with age and UV exposure. To insure reliable life-time see-through performance, APM formulated a silicone rubber composition trademarked RUBRGLAS®. This exclusive material can only be found on HEXSEAL® & E-SEEL® circuit breaker sealing boot enclosures.

Many of our boots feature a carefully designed internal patented "trigger" that extends the operator's finger pressure. APM HEXSEAL® and E-SEEL® boots are ideal mates to the very best breakers available today. That's why the vast majority of breaker manufacturers recommend our UL Recognized HEXSEAL® and E-SEEL® boots.   

APM has been satisfying their customers' environmental protection needs for more than 60 years with the world's largest selection of sealing boots. APM circuit breaker boots have been installed on:

electrical/power supply systems 

in a wide variety of marine equipment 

commercial military surface vessels 

aircraft and support equipment 

military land equipment of all kinds

medical equipment 

control panels of field maintenance and repair equipment

For more details see our Circuit Breaker Sealing Boot catalog PDF in the literature section of this website.

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