Whitford Launches 5 New, Improved Nonstick Coatings for Cookware and Bakeware at Ambiente

Frankfurt, Germany - Whitford, makers of the largest, most complete line of nonstick and decorative coatings in the world, announces five new coatings to serve a variety of needs for cookware and bakeware. The new products and their key improvements are:

1. Tetran®: Designed primarily for rice cookers, new Tetran provides at least six times the release life of conventional rice-cooker nonstick coatings. It also offers excellent adhesion, a wide curing range, reduced staining, and superb flexibility.

2. Eterna® Si: Created for bakeware in which high-sugar-content cakes, muffins, etc., are baked, this new coating gives release that lasts 33 times longer than all the conventional bakeware coatings Whitford laboratories have tested.

3. Eclipse® HB (High Build): An improvement on the tough, wear-resistant Eclipse nonstick Whitford launched several years ago, this coating can be applied up to 60 microns. The result: It lasts at least 2.5 times longer than all competitive internally reinforced coatings tested.

4. Fusion® HR (High Release): A signifcant improvement in the sol-gel “ceramic” nonstick category, new Fusion HR provides release that lasts up to 12 times longer than standard sol-gel nonstick coatings, offering release life previously thought to be unattainable in sol-gels.

5. Skandia® Xtreme Plus: A breakthrough in bakeware nonstick coatings, new Skandia provides consistent migration performance for the standard 3 x 2 hour EU 10/2011 3% Acetic Acid overall migration, even at a low film thickness of 7 microns. At 12 microns, it passes the extended 3 x 4 hour global migation test, even on severely drawn bakeware shapes.

You can see all these new coatings — and get a copy of Whitford’s Guide to the eye-catching new colours of 2016 — at Whitford’s booth at Ambiente, 12 to 16 February, Hall 3.0, Stand E40. You can also visit Whitford in its private meeting rooms, Effect and Exposé, Hall 3, Level C, Eastern side.

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