Whitehall Specialties Selects ESE's Q5L Near Infrared Analyzer for Batch Process Control

Marshfield, WI - July 13, 2009 - ESE, Inc., the Engineering Solutions Experts, today announced that process cheese producer Whitehall Specialties has selected ESE's Q5L Near Infrared Analyzer (NIR) to improve batch quality and reduce rework in its cheese production processes. This will be the third plant that Whitehall has chosen ESE, Inc. and the Q5L NIR Analyzer.

The Q5L is part of the Q5 NIR Series that analyzes batches in as little as five seconds, contains no moving parts to ensure sample accuracy and repeatability, and can sample multiple constituents without preparation or clean up work.

"The combination of the Q5L Near Infrared Analyzer with ESE's Process Optimizer software adds tremendous value to our cheese production process," stated Carl Peterson, Lab Supervisor at Whitehall Specialties. "Before ESE we had to test cheese batches manually, which took up to 15-20 minutes while 4-5 batches were passing through quality control. Now with ESE we test batches every 2-5 seconds, and we can catch batches out of tolerance while still being processed. The most significant benefit has been improved labor utilization we have seen at the first two plants, We have moved testing from the lab's responsibility to the operator's responsibility, resulting in redeployed labor and eliminating the need to hire additional staff to handle our company's increasing volume."

"ESE is committed to helping customers like Whitehall Specialties improve their operations and provide a fast return on investment," stated Tom Walther, President of ESE, Inc. "When we first started working with Whitehall, they needed a fast, multi-constituent analysis capability for testing on the production line to respond quickly to batch problems, reduce rework, and potentially salvage a bad batch. Now we are working with Whitehall in their third plant, and we are pleased to see the great results that our customer is realizing with the Q5L Near Infrared Analyzer."

Q5 Series Near Infrared Analzyers

ESE's Q5 family of Near Infrared Analyzers is designed to help manufacturers in the food and beverage industries test and measure food constituents against calibration models set up in the Process Optimizer application in a lab environment or right on the production line. The Q5 NIR Series can analyze a batch in as little as five seconds, contains no moving parts to ensure sample accuracy and repeatability, and can sample multiple constituents without preparation or clean up work. The Q5L is built to withstand extreme conditions in a production environment and can be mounted in a NEMA 4X enclosure.

About ESE

ESE has been at the forefront of designing and commissioning innovative plant automation systems for food and beverage applications since 1981. ESE tightly integrates leading-edge analytical instruments with best-in-class control systems and sophisticated software resulting in improved plant utilization, increased yields, better product quality, and faster delivery.

The cornerstone of ESE's instrumentation line is the family of Q5 Near Infrared Analyzers - designed for lab, in-line and at-line environments. In use at major production facilities across the country, Q5 analyzers provide fast and accurate analysis of liquids, solids, slurries, and powders. For more information visit the web at www.ese1.com.

About Whitehall Specialties

Whitehall Specialties, located in Whitehall, Wisconsin, is a world leader in custom analog and process cheese style products. Whitehall Specialties provides their customers a dedicated development laboratory where research engineers design custom products, test new ingredients, explore innovative processes and prepare custom cheese samples. Whitehall Specialties custom manufactures any cheese product to client specifications or their research and development department will customize a product to meet an application's requirements. Examples are blends of natural cheese, analog cheese, zero cholesterol, low sodium, increased or decreased protein and lactose free.

Whitehall Specialties can also alter melt points, shred ability, taste and color. For more information visit them on the web at www.whitehall-specialties.com.

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