White LED Lighting features ballast bypass installation.

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With lens that creates homogeneous output without diminishing light intensity, dimmable 3X Series is suited for white wash lighting for corporate cabin upgrades. Beam spread lends fuller appearance to cabin, and regulated power supply allows delivery of steady light output when operating directly off of 28 Vdc aircraft power. As minor modification or part of full modification, installation uses existing wiring. This bypasses ballasts to eliminate them as failure point in lighting systems.

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EMTEQ Launches 3X Series

A New Standard for White LED Lighting with Enhanced Performance and Unique “Bypass” Installation

New Berlin, Wis., USA — EMTEQ is introducing the 3X Series, a new standard for white wash lighting for corporate cabin upgrades. In addition to enhanced performance, the 3X Series represents an easier way to upgrade to LED lighting through a unique “bypass” installation option.

Capitalizing on technology perfected and proven on several current line-fit programs, the 3X Series uses cutting edge LED and lens technology. The new-aged LED is hyper-efficient with incredible color consistency and unmatched color blending. Furthering the color quality, EMTEQ is using a next generation lens that creates a homogeneous output while not diminishing the intensity of the light. The wider beam spread of the light gives the cabin a fuller appearance.

“Over 10 years ago, EMTEQ jumpstarted the transition to LED lighting aboard executive aircraft with the introduction of the ELW30, a product with over 2300 orders.” stated Peter Tessmann, Product Manager for the 3X Series. “Keeping our customers who know and love the ELW30 in mind, we have done that again with the introduction of the 3X Series.”

The most significant advantage to the 3X Series is the installation flexibility. The 3X Series can be installed as either a minor modification or as part of a full modification.

“Not all LED lighting is the same – and now EMTEQ has provided an option where you no longer have to sacrifice the quality of the light and color consistency to achieve low downtime and lower cost,” stated Tessmann.

While you can opt to remove the ballasts and power supplies, saving on weight in the aircraft, it is not necessary to install the 3X Series. The light has a regulated power supply which allows it to deliver steady light output when operating directly off of 28VDC aircraft power. The installation uses existing wiring bypassing the ballasts eliminating them as a failure point in lighting systems.

“Right now there is a curiosity towards an LED light that can run off the ballast and be a “drop-in” solution. The problem with this is that over time the ballast can become damaged because of the way fluorescent tubes interact with them,” explained Tessmann. “With a failure of these new systems, you do not know if it is the light or ballast until you dig a little deeper. And worse yet, the ballast are often remote from the light source. The 3X Series bypasses the ballast eliminating that as a failure point.”

The 3X Series line includes built in step dimming and variable dimming options. The 3X Series is also designed with compatibilities to the ELW30 for the ease of existing customers. It will utilize the same mounting clips eliminating the need to change clip inventory or learn new install methods. The 3X Series will also offer expanded length and color options.


As a global aerospace company, EMTEQ’s commitment to the collaborative advancement of aircraft products keeps our customers at the forefront of technology. EMTEQ offers an extensive selection of innovative, value add products and services for both retrofit and forward fit applications in the commercial and business aviation markets. Products range from cables to integrated installation kits; from cabin power to LED lighting; and from structures to exterior lighting. From multi-faceted, complex programs to production overload needs, EMTEQ complements our products with comprehensive program management and full engineering, design, and certification services. Employing more than 600 employees worldwide, offices and manufacturing facilities are located in New Berlin, WI; Miramar, Florida; Great Falls, MT; Winnipeg, Canada; Montreal, Canada; São José dos Campos, Brazil; Bachenbülach, Switzerland. EMTEQ complies with EN/JSIQ/AS9100:2004, ISO9001:2008, or EN9100:2003 standards backed with FAA/EASA Part 145 Repair Stations and global technical support. Learn more about EMTEQ at www.emteq.com.

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