Wheeled Rod Guide Couplings reduce wear in sucker rods.

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Available in standard material(12L14) and stress-proof material steel, Wheeled Rod Guide® couplings reduce friction between sucker rods and tube walls. Replacement wheel kits are available. Kits include four new wheels, pins, and bushings. 

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Oilfield Improvements® Wheeled Rod Guide® Couplings Celebrate 35th Anniversary

Celebrating 35 years of working successfully in thousands of applications, Oilfield Improvements® Wheeled Rod Guide® couplings reduce wear and prolong the life of sucker rods and tubing in rod pumped wells, they centralize the rod string in the tubing and the rolling action of the wheels inside the tubing during stroking reduces friction and wear caused by sucker rods slapping or rubbing the tubing wall.  Proper use of Wheeled Rod Guide® couplings and effective chemical treatment programs have extended the average operating periods between having to “pull and service” some problem wells by an average of four times the previous operating periods because of tubing and/or rod wear.

Wheeled Rod Guide® couplings are offered in 2 steel material types: standard material (12L14) is for use with standard sucker rods such as Grade D.  Stress proof material is available for use with high strength rods such as Norris 97.

Wheels sometimes wear down over time so we offer replacement wheel kits.  A kit consists of 4 new wheels, 4 new pins and 4 new bushings (journals) to replace the entire wheel assemblies in one Wheeled Rod Guide® coupling.

Please contact us at (918) 250-5584, toll-free 800-537-9327 or email at info@rodguides.com.  Also, please visit our website at www.rodguides.com for more detailed information.

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