Wheelchair Insert suits children with special needs.

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Specifically designed to provide proper positioning in oversized wheelchair, Wheelchair Seat Reducer Insert consist of comfortable foam cushion that slips into seat of any wheelchair to reduce usable dimensions by 2 in. Ribbed surface promotes airflow around back to prevent sweating. Washable, water-resistant, and 100% latex free, insert can be trimmed with scissors to accommodate shoulder straps and lateral supports. Non-slip rubber bead on backrest prevents ride up.

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Convaid Launches New Money Saving Wheelchair Seat Reducer Insert

Convaid has launched the new money saving wheelchair seat reducer insert suitable for children with special needs. This new innovation is specifically designed to help buyers save money by buying fewer wheelchairs as their special needs child continuously outgrow their current wheelchair. Special needs children often require a larger size wheelchair every 6-12 months incurring significant expense of new larger wheelchair every time. The new wheelchair seat insert was specifically designed to provide proper positioning in an oversized wheelchair. The wheelchair seat reducer is a comfortable foam cushion that easily slips into the seat of any wheelchair to reduce the usable dimensions by 2 inches. In attempt to save money, buyers often select a wheelchair that is larger than the child's current requirements. However, the disadvantage is that oversized wheelchairs do not provide the proper positioning or comfort for the child. A child can grow significantly in five years requiring several larger size wheelchairs to be purchased during that period. In addition, for those whose insurance providers pay a percentage of the wheelchair costs, the insurance policies often only allow the purchase of one new wheelchair every five years. The common solution is to buy oversized wheelchairs and "make do" until the child grows. Parents "fill the gaps" produced by oversized wheelchairs with rolled up towels and bunched up blankets. The disadvantage is that they do not provide proper positioning, are lumpy, will not stay in place, and can cause the child discomfort. Designed by Convaid Engineers together with a coalition of Therapists and Rehabilitation Technology Specialists (RTS), The Reducer Seat Insert features a ribbed surface that is comfortable and promotes airflow round the back to prevent sweating. The seat reducer insert can be easily trimmed with scissors to accommodate wheelchair shoulder straps and lateral supports. The wheelchair insert is washable, water resistant, lightweight, 100% latex free, and folds flat for storage. The wheelchair seat reducer insert is specifically designed to conform to the natural contour of the wheelchair for maximum comfort. It reduces the usable seat width of 16 inches or 14 inches by 2 inches while maintaining the intended position designed for the child. There are no straps or fasteners and the wheelchair seat reducer easily drops into place and can be quickly removed when folding the wheelchair. The wheelchair seat reducer features a non-slip rubber bead on the backrest to prevent uncomfortable "ride up". Replacing a wheelchair every few years as children grow can be very expensive. The seat reducer solves that problem as each insert reduces a 16 inch seat to 14 inch seat or a 14 inch seat to 12 inch seat and is available for the following Convaid wheelchairs: EZ Rider®, Cruiser®, CruisAire®, Rodeo®, ® Scout®, Safari®, and Convertible® More detailed information about the wheelchair seat reducer insert and the complete range of pediatric strollers, pediatric wheelchairs and adult wheelchairs and their related options and accessories can be found at www.convaid.com. About Convaid
Convaid specializes in a complete range of pediatric strollers, pediatric wheelchairs & adult wheelchairs. The wheelchair product line has advanced design, seating & mobility combinations for a variety of special needs and physical disabilities. Many options & accessories equip the wheelchairs for rehab seating and advanced positioning with custom accuracy. Convaid is known globally as the OEM for the following Wheelchair brands: EZ Rider®, Cruiser®, CruisAire®, Metro®, Rodeo®, Profiler® Scout®, Safari®, Mountee®, Compax®, CuddleBug®, Vivo®, and Convertible® Convaid is a registered member of the following organizations:
NCART = www.ncartcoalition.org
NRRTS = www.nrrts.org
Texas Rehab Providers Council = www.txrpc.org
RESNA = www.resna.org All Convaid pediatric strollers, pediatric wheelchairs and adult wheelchairs are backed by a lifetime warranty, meet all wheelchair safety requirements and are ANSI/RESNA WC19 compliant and made in the USA. For more information, please contact Convaid custservice@convaid.com, Tel: (310) 618-0111, ext 116 or email Gina Reed Gina@convaid.com.

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