Wheelabrator EMP Upgrade at Pipe Manufacturer Saves Time, Money

LaGrange, GA - (November 11, 2007) - A leading U.S. provider of pipe in the Midwest manufactures large diameter water pipe ranging in diameter from 36- to 120-inches and 40-feet long. The pipe interior is lined with cement, while the exterior is finished with a special epoxy coating which requires a dust-free, consistent rough surface profile with a white metal finish. This is obtained by using a hard, steel grit abrasive with a controlled operating mix, consistent line speed through a skew-roll wheel blast machine with dual upblast wheels and a dust collector to remove dust and abrasive fines from the machine.

The pipe manufacturer purchased this high production system two years ago and almost immediately experienced maintenance and parts availability problems. A recent Wheelabrator Equipment Modernization Program (EMP) upgrade allowed the company to reduce downtime and increase the life of their wear parts using Wheelabrator® parts.

The Wheelabrator EMP on the competitor's wheel blast machine consisted of two 100 hp direct drive 25" diameter EZEFIT® Upblast wheels using 5" wide blades, two MagnaValve ® abrasive controls and an abrasive adder. The EZEFIT wheels had lower noise levels and less vibration. They were easy to install and the wear parts lasted longer. The blades last 250 hours of blasting, allowing the maintenance department to easily schedule maintenance on the blast wheels. The Magna Valve units remotely control the exact flow of steel grit to the blast wheels, which is vital for the required white metal finish. The abrasive adder controls proper abrasive additions to maintain the operating mix of steel grit that is necessary for the blast wheels to achieve the desired profile and coverage.

A company official said the upgrade allowed the company to have longer blade life and the ability to purchase parts in the United States. He said the EZEFIT wheels are simple to maintain and change out, which causes less down time. After 250 hours of operation, the blades are change.

The EZEFIT family of Wheelabrator wheels offers the latest technology in wheel design, reducing maintenance cost and improving productivity. One advantage of using bi-directional wheels (clockwise or counterclockwise) for wheel applications is that it lowers parts inventory costs.

Wheelabrator has capitalized on this advantage with a direct-drive design that offers standard or custom base mounting for increased versatility. EZEFIT wheels are available in 3-1/2" or 2-1/2" blade widths. In order to meet any application, a variety of wheel diameters from 13" to 27" are offered with RPM versions ranging from 1800 to 3600.

Wheelabrator Plus, which is the parts, equipment modernization and service division of the Wheelabrator Group, helps customers improve the efficiency of their existing blast equipment operations. Focusing solely on the aftermarket, Wheelabrator Plus works with all customers to provide effective solutions for difficult cleaning problems. Wheelabrator Plus regionally based sales and service teams provide an extensive range of Equipment Modernization Programs (EMP) and support services including: on-site training, maintenance, repair and service programs. Wheelabrator Plus offers a complete range of replacement parts for a variety of wheel blast and air blasting applications. For more information on EZEFIT wheels, call 1-800-544-4144

Wheelabrator Group is a global provider of surface preparation and finishing solutions. Committed to offering the broadest array of technologies, products, services and technical know-how, Wheelabrator Group works closely with customers to deliver the best solutions for their specific requirements. The company's strategically located and electronically linked offices allow Wheelabrator Group to provide unrivalled customer service and support worldwide. For more information on Wheelabrator visit the web site at www.wheelabratorgroup.com or e-mail info@wheelabratorgroup.com.

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