Wheelabrator Continues to Lead Innovation

Burlington, Ontario - (July 5, 2007) - Wheelabrator Group, with its years of diverse experience in the surface preparation industry, continues to lead innovation. With a background in centrifugal wheelblast and airblast equipment including manual and automated operation, the next logical step was to combine the features and advantages of either style of media propulsion.

Wheelblast® machines are known to clean or peen larger surface areas at high production rates. Several variations of work handling arrangements such as monorail hangers, tables, tumbling barrels and roll conveyors have been utilized to present the part to the blast wheels. In all these, the general theme is to clean the entire exposed surface. This does work well, with some exceptions:

o When ID areas need to be processed
o When only a certain area of the part needs to be processed
o When masking a certain area is critical to avoid overspray
o When premium process control features have to be shared between wheel and airblast processes (particularly the volume of parts requiring airblast treatment isn't very high)

Given the above situations, it makes perfect sense to develop machines that include a 'hybrid" feature. This aspect has been in the forefront of product development within Wheelabrator for this style of equipment. In the recent past, Wheelabrator has designed and manufactured 'hybrid' machines that utilize centrifugal wheels to process 80 percent to 90 percent of the surface area and then rely on a manipulating blast nozzle to 'finish' the remaining 10 percent which otherwise would not have been accessible to the blast wheel. Also, Wheelabrator designed wheels to process the outside areas of the part and nozzle lance to process the ID of the same part

Whether wheelblast, airblast or an innovative 'hybrid' arrangement, all premium process control features such as closed loop feedback for media flow, air pressure, variation of wheel speed, etc. are inherent in such systems.

Wheelabrator Group is a global provider of surface preparation and finishing solutions. Committed to offering the broadest array of technologies, products, services and technical know-how, Wheelabrator Group works closely with customers to deliver the best solutions for their specific requirements. The company's strategically located and electronically linked offices allow Wheelabrator Group to provide unrivalled customer service and support worldwide. For more information on Wheelabrator visit the web site at www.wheelabratorgroup.com or e-mail info@wheelabratorgroup.com.

Wheelabrator products are protected by patents issued and pending in the United States and other countries.
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