Wheel and Disc Brushes utilize abrasive nylon.

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Anderlon Wheel Brushes suit applications that require control when deburring and finishing metallic and non-metallic surfaces. Unaffected by solvents, acids, and alkalis, nylon filaments are impregnated throughout with abrasive grains to ensure constant exposure during processing. Products are available in composite and metal hub constructions, and disc brushes are available with tufted or monofilament construction.

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Anderlon® Abrasive Nylon Performs for You

Anderson Products' Anderlon brush line provides a complete offering of abrasive nylon products to fulfill most applications that require control when deburring and finishing both metallic and non-metallic surfaces. The Anderlon line, of brushing tools for off-hand production, CNC, robotic and automated processes, is renowned for being aggressive yet conformable. The construction of nylon filaments with abrasive grains impregnated throughout ensures the constant exposure of new abrasive grains during processing, and are also highly durable, virtually unaffected by solvents, acids, and alkalies.

Anderlon Wheel Brushes are available in both Composite Hub and Metal Hub constructions. The Composite Hub brushes permit up to 30% more usable fill material resulting in a high density brush face, promoting aggressive deburring and finishing in minimal cycle times. Metal Hub Wheel brushes provide a less dense and thinner face width for applications where enhanced aggression is a concern due to part delicacy and/or machine speed issues. Disc brushes are available in either Tufted or Monofilament construction to suit a wide range of applications as well. The Anderlon line also includes small diameter wheels, cup, end and tube brushes.

Additionally, all Anderlon brushes offer the Anderson standard of performance excellence to provide superior operation with minimal usage.

Anderson Products also offers an extensive line of abrasive products, industrial brushes and maintenance products.
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