What Is Reclaim and Why Is It Useful?

What is a reclaimer?

Simply stated a media reclaimer is a unit or system designed to automatically separate dust and debris from good, reusable blast media.

Why is reclaim useful?

A reclaim system will greatly improve productivity. A properly adjusted reclaimer, continuously removes dust (& broken particles & fines) from good media then automatically returns good media to a hopper for re-use. When dust is emptied from dust collector an equivalent amount of new media is added to the blast system and a refreshed, good media operating mix is created.

By returning only good media:

1) The finish produced by the blast process remains consistent and repeatable from piece to piece because it is removing the broken, fine particals.

2) Speed of the blast process is maintained at optimum rate
(Dust, broken particles & fines don't have the cleaning or impact value of good media - so the operation slows down as the content of fines increases.

3) Cost of the media usage is reduced.
(Keeping media clean results in maximum, effective media life.)

4A) Maintenance and operator labor costs are reduced.
(Instead of using labor time to change out all the media - as systems without reclaimers require - regular, small additions of good media prevents large blocks of time dedicated to total media changeouts.) Eliminates total change-out of media

4B) Properly designed media reclaimers include a trash screen that catches oversized debris (such as paint chips, pieces of paper, chunks of rust or who knows what) before that material can block a metering valve or clog a nozzle. This is a great labor saving, time saving feature.

Through proper adjustments the reclaim system will provide a better part finish and make media handling more efficient.

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