What a Single Source Solution Means for Your Injection Molded Project

Are you an engineer looking for a simple solution to getting your injection molded products? To make things easy to manage, the last thing someone wants to do is spend more time working with multiple companies for each step of your project. Finding a single company that will take care of every step of your project from concept thru completion helps maintain project consistency.

To begin your project, will you need design services for your injection molded part or injection mold or both? Will you need material selection help? These are design and development questions that your injection molder can help you with to get your project started. With first hand knowledge of the injection molding process, having design support for manufacturability and adhere to injection molding best practices can lead to better overall quality for your components.

Who will build your custom injection mold? Because injection molding is an advanced manufacturing discipline requiring quality injection molds to produce quality components, it is important to make sure your mold builder has the injection molding expertise as well.

After your injection molder produces the product, will you need assembly, packaging, or other secondary services to complete your project? Having an injection molder that can provide multiple secondary services will prevent you from having to switch from
company to company to reach the end product.

Having one company or "single source solution" to handle your project from concept to completion ensures a streamline process and is simple much easier than dealing with several companies. This keeps vital project details from getting lost in the shuffle between vendors.

With decades of experience, Crescent Industries is your single source solution for your injection molded project. Allow us to take care of your engineering, mold building, injection molding and secondary services.

For more information, please visit our website www.crescentind.com, email sales@crescentind.com or call Toll Free: 1-800-411-3844.

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