Wet/Dry HEPA Vacuum promotes clean and safe work environment.

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Capturing 99.999% of particles up to 0.1 micron with its HEPA filter, portable CS 1225 H weighs less than 25 lb and comes with 15 ft hose and 25 ft power cord. Tool to hose adapter supports connection to portable power tool while it is in operation, and automatic shut-off sensor protects motor and filters during wet vacuuming. Set to activate automatically or manually, Electromagnetic Pulse Filter Cleaning System shakes HEPA filters to remove dust.

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New HEPA Vacuum from CS Unitec Provides a Clean, Safe Work Environment

CS Unitec's new CS 1225 H wet/dry HEPA vacuum exceeds the EPA filtration standard of 99.970% and 0.3 microns. The CS 1225 H's HEPA filter efficiently captures 99.999% of particles up to 0.1 microns, providing a cleaner and safer work environment.

The CS 1225 H includes a tool to hose adapter to easily connect portable power tools such as concrete grinders or saws for dust removal while the tool is in operation. A "Power Take Off" outlet activates the vacuum ON/OFF from the power tool switch and includes a 10-second shut-off delay to clean any dust left in the hose. An automatic shut-off sensor protects the motor and filters during wet vacuuming.

Its Electromagnetic Pulse Filter Cleaning System shakes the HEPA filters to remove dust, maximizing suction and doubling filter life. The vacuum senses when the filters are clogged and the suction power or air flow is restricted, cleaning itself when the vacuum is turned on and again when it is turned off. This feature can be set to activate automatically or manually.

A 15' hose and 25' power cord make the CS 1225 H ideal for most construction jobs. Weighing less than 25 pounds, it is portable and very convenient to use on the job site or in the shop. A cleaning kit, including wands, nozzles and hose is also available.

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