Westfalia Innovating Conveyor Controls Configuration

Motor Controller with Fault Indicator Light on Each Westfalia Conveyor

YORK, Pa., February 9, 2009 - The Controls Department of Westfalia Technologies, Inc. (www.WestfaliaUSA.com) has been very proactive reconfiguring the design of conveyor controls for easier fault recognition and a shorter commissioning phase. Each Westfalia conveyor now has its own motor controller with a fault indicator light. By placing an indicator light on each conveyor, operators can quickly and easily find the problem area in the conveyor line. Each conveyor can also be reset at the motor controller when a fault is cleared.

With this new layout, motor controllers located on each conveyor are linked in a chain to each other, instead of linking each one to a centralized controls box. This reduces the cabling needed and the time required for installation. Plus, this allows Westfalia to test nearly 100% of the conveyor line before it leaves our manufacturing facility.

This is a new trend throughout the industry, with Westfalia again showing our market leadership. With our in-house mechanical & electrical engineering teams we can customize the material handling system you need to fit your specific space and requirements. To learn more, contact Westfalia today at 800-673-2522 or visit www.WestfaliaUSA.com.

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Westfalia Technologies, Inc. is a leader in providing logistics software and material handling equipment for plants, warehouses and distribution centers. Their expertise in combining software (WMS) development with automated equipment manufacturing reveals Westfalia's ability to deliver turn-key solutions to meet each client's specific needs with unsurpassed quality and control. To learn more about Westfalia's products, including Case Packing and Case Handling Systems, Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS) and Savanna.NET® Warehouse Management Systems, visit www.WestfaliaUSA.com.

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