WeRecoverData Successfully Recovers 22 TB of Lost Data for Illinois-Based Enterprise

Danville Company Experiences RAID Failure and Data Loss, But WeRecoverData Comes to the Rescue

Danville, Illinois - WeRecoverData, a leading data recovery company, announced today that it has successfully recovered 22 TB of lost data for an enterprise based in Danville, Illinois. The customer, who experienced a RAID failure and data loss, had designated the level of urgency to recover their data as high when they submitted the case.

According to the customer, the data loss occurred when the server had a disk failure on disk 2.

The customer ordered a new disk and was allowing the RAID system to rebuild it, but during the rebuild, a storm occurred and something happened to the server. The server was in a reboot cycle and it was diagnosed that the server motherboard had failed. The customer then moved the disks over to a new server and imported the RAID-5 information, but the server booted and still showed disk 2 failed.

The customer let it sit to rebuild but the disk showed offline after some time. A tech replaced disk 2 a second time and the server immediately shut off and rebooted again. This time it showed that the RAID information was gone and the disks were ready. But now 3 disks showed they failed.

WeRecoverData was able to retrieve the lost data for the customer, despite the RAID failure and the fact that the customer had not attempted any remedies. The device was a DELL RAID, the model was ST4000NM0023, and the capacity of the device was 48 TB. The recovery purpose was for an enterprise and the lost data size claimed by the customer was 10 TB.

"We are thrilled that we were able to successfully recover the lost data for this enterprise," said a representative from WeRecoverData. "Data loss can be a devastating experience for any company, but we are here to help and we will do everything in our power to recover your lost data."

For more information on WeRecoverData and its data recovery services, please visit WeRecoverData.com or call 866-400-3282.

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