Welding Robot enables remote process monitoring.

Press Release Summary:

Allowing automation to be brought directly to large weldments, 3-axis Servo-Robot MWR-350 complements traditional articulated robots already in production and allows operator to run several systems simultaneously. Robot provides precise seam tracking for consistent penetration and accurate bead placement. Programming is accomplished via intuitive teach pendant and vision-assisted robot teaching capability.

Original Press Release:

The Servo-Robot MWR-350: Revolution in Mobile Welding Automation

Developed Jointly With The EWI Navy Joining Center


This mobile robot's flexibility allows automation to be brought directly onto large weldments. It also reduces the cost of automation and allows the operator to run several systems simultaneously. The MWR-350 three axes robot dramatically improves quality and productivity compared to traditional manual welding, as well as that done using motorized welding carriages. It also complements traditional articulated robots that may be already be in production. It's easily hooked up to any power source thus making for a quick installation.

The MWR-350 system is very easy to program due to its intuitive simple teach pendant and the vision-assisted robot teaching capability.

With a Servo-Robot MWR-350 system, submarine hull sections can be welded in the 1/3 of the time of previous methods.


o Dramatic quality and productivity improvements are easily achieved over manual and mechanized welding

o Automation can be brought to the workpiece

o Remote process monitoring removes operator from welding zone

o Precise seam tracking for consistent penetration and accurate bead placement

o Easily integrates to any welding system

o Automated teaching reduces setup time and increases flexibility

New Teach Pendant for MWR-350

Please request information about Servo-Robot Smart Seam Finding systems. We will be happy to assist you in determining how it will help you.


October 21st, 2009

Conference "Putting Blind (Arc Welding)

Robot to Works"

By Mr. Jean-Paul Boillot & Mr. Jeff Noruk

Automation Rendez-Vous (CMTS 2009)

Direct Energy Center

Toronto, ON, Canada

November 15-18, 2009

FABTECH International & AWS Welding Show 2009

McCormick Place North

and South Halls

Chicago, USA

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