Welding Power Source integrates with robotic controllers.

Press Release Summary:

Power Wave(TM) F355i multi-process, digitally controlled, inverter power source is packaged for use with Fanuc(R) RJ3i and later robotic controllers. Providing 350 amps at 60% duty cycle, unit is capable of GMAW pulse, Synergic GMAW, GMAW (short arc and spray), and FCAW procedures. It can handle high output applications while producing precise welds. F355i is packaged with Power Feed 10R or Master Feed(R) torch.

Original Press Release:

Lincoln Electric Introduces Industry's First True Integrated Robotic Welding Power Source

Power Wave(TM)F355i - Integrated Design Robotic Power Source

Cleveland, Ohio -- The Power Wave(TM) F355i is a high performance, multi-process, digitally-controlled inverter power source packaged for integrated use with the Fanuc(R) RJ3i and later robotic controllers. With this new system, communications between the power source and controller will be direct via Lincoln's ArcLink® communications protocol, eliminating both the Lincoln Gateway® board and the Fanuc DeviceNet® board.

The Power Wave F355i/RJ3i/Arc-Mate 100i package offers a lower price than previous Lincoln robotic Power Wave packages, making it an attractive new addition to the market.

The integrated look of the power source seeks to add value through the concept of integrated design. The power source case has Fanuc colors and is designed to mate with the top of the Fanuc RJ3i control cabinet. Connections between the two components are hidden from view once the power source is bolted to the controller.

Power Source:
The heart of the new system is the Power Wave F355i, Lincoln's digitally-controlled, 350-amp inverter power source. The patented power source is capable of complex, high-speed waveform control when used in combination with Fanuc RJ3i controller and later controllers.

The Power Wave F355i features enhanced arc starting at the low end and superior waveform control, which results in reduced arc spatter, reduced fumes, and exceptionally smooth arc welding performance.

The Power Wave F355i can handle high output applications while still producing precise welds. Providing 350 amps at a 60% duty cycle maximum rated output and 300 amps at 100% duty cycle, the Power Wave F355i is capable of GMAW pulse, Synergic GMAW, GMAW (short arc and spray), and FCAW (Innershield® and Outershield®)
procedures. The Power Wave F355i is excellent on a variety of materials, including steel, aluminum and stainless.

The Power Wave F355i is packaged with the Power Feed 10R or the Master Feed® torch. The power source is not designed for use separate from the RJ3i controller.

The Lincoln Electric Company, Cleveland, Ohio, is a world leader in the design and manufacture of arc welding equipment and consumables, robotic welding systems, plasma and oxyfuel cutting equipment.

For more information on Lincoln's Power Wave(TM) F355i Integrated Design Robotic Power Source, please contact The Lincoln Electric Company at 22801 St. Clair Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44117-1199, via phone at 1-888-355-3213 or at the company's web site: www.lincolnelectric.com.

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