Welding Powders include PTA and laser cladding consumables.

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Developed for optimal wear protection, Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) and laser cladding consumables include ductile nickel-chrome alloy matrix 6031 powder blends, chromium-free 6051 nickel tungsten carbide powder blends, and cobalt-based Stoodite powders. Latter, depending on model, offers medium or high temperature hardness deposit in addition to resistance to abrasive, solid particle erosion, or mechanical wear; impacts; chemicals; and corrosion.

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Stoody® Adds Additional Nickel-Based and Cobalt-Based PTA and Laser Cladding Powder Products to New Consumables Offering

Ductile nickel-chrome alloy matrix 6031 powder blends, chromium-free 6051 nickel tungsten carbide powder blends and cobalt-based Stoodite powders are the newest Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) and laser cladding consumables developed for superior wear protection

Florence, SC – Stoody®, an ESAB brand, announced today that it has added a series of new plasma transfer arc (PTA) and laser cladding powders to its growing consumables product offering. Joining Stoody's recently released series of 6040 nickel-based tungsten carbide blends are two new nickel-based powder lines, as well as a new line of cobalt-based Stoodite powders.

Suitable for automated PTA hardfacing and laser cladding processes, the Stoody 6040 powder formulations are composed of 60% tungsten carbide and 40% nickel alloy, with a 40 - 45 Rockwell C hardness range. Within the 6040 family, there are three formulations including: 6040-PLC, with standard and crushed eutectic tungsten carbides; 6040-PLS, with spherical tungsten carbides especially well-suited for laser cladding; and 6040-PLM, with macrocyrstalline tungsten carbides. Potential applications include:

Petroleum, downhole tooling - stabilizers, bit holders, kick rings, radial bearings;

Petroleum, oil sands - ground engaging tools, crusher teeth, screen plates, latch bars, slurry elbows;

Mining, ore processing - exhaust fan liners, chutes, wear sleeves, sludge pumps, mixing blades, centrifuges;

Cement production - dry cement pumps, classifier blades, coupling shafts, feed screws;

Brick making - extruder flights, pug knives, crusher roll blades, dies;

Pigment production - dry material pumps, cyclones, micronizers, feed pipes, bag screen impact plates; and,

Other - steel mill guide rolls, screw presses, anode paste mixers, pulpers, tunneling cutters.

The Stoody 6030 powder formulations also are comprised of 60% tungsten carbide and 40% nickel alloy for extreme abrasion and moderate impact resistance. The significant difference is that the 6030 family of powders form a ductile nickel-chrome alloy matrix with a slightly lower hardness of 30-35 HRC.  Stoody 6030 powders also come in –PLC (standard cast and crushed eutectic tungsten carbides), – PLS (spherical carbides), and –PLM (macrocrystalline) formulations.

Stoody 6051 continues with the 60/40 formulation of tungsten carbide and nickel alloy with a notable difference: the blends are chromium-free. Available in –PLC, –PLS and –PLM formulations, Stoody 6051 powders provide extreme abrasion resistance with a hardness range of 48-52 HRC, the highest of the Stoody nickel-based tungsten carbide powders to date.

Stoody has offered cobalt-based consumables under the Stoodite label in bare rod, coated electrode, gas-shielded, and submerged arc wire forms. Now a new line of four cobalt-based PTA and laser cladding powders have been created for advanced welding processes. Stoodite Co01-PL offers abrasive wear resistance, high temperature hardness and solid particle erosion wear resistance. Stoodite Co06-PL produces a medium hardness deposit for high temperature applications, with good abrasion, impact, chemical and mechanical wear resistance. Stoodite Co12-PL delivers a high hardness deposit and high temperature, abrasion, mechanical wear and corrosion resistance. Rounding out the cobalt-powder family is Stoodite Co21-PL, a low-carbon austenitic alloy that work hardens. The deposit offers high temperature strength and impact resistance plus anti-galling, corrosion and cavitation resistance makes Stoodite Co21-PL the ideal choice for fluid control valve components.

Bottled in 10-pound increments, Stoody 6040, 6030, and 6051 formulations are currently available in either a 10-pound single carton or a 40-pound standard four-pack. The Stoodite powder formulations are bottled in 11-pound increments are available in either an 11-pound single carton or a 44-pound standard four-cpack. For more information, including detailed product data sheets, visit www.stoody.com.

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