Welding Clamp is rated 500 A at 60% duty cycle.

Press Release Summary:

Designed to solve problem of inadequate grounding of weld arc, Ground Hog prevents current restriction by combining large copper contact point with clamping pressure, facilitating transfer of electrical current in full circuit. To further ensure complete arc, Ground Hog controls electrical current by isolating contact surface and transfer to cable connection. Clamping force is 465 lb using Strong Hand® Plier or 1,000 lb using Strong Hand® Sliding Arm Clamp.

Original Press Release:

Ground Hog is the Ideal Welding Partner!

Strong Hand®, worldwide designer/manufacturer of quick-acting welding clamps,
magnets and pliers, is proud to announce their newest innovation - The High
Performance Ground Hog Clamp. The Ground Hog was specifically designed to solve
the problem of inadequate grounding of the weld arc in all types of welding

The Ground Hog prevents current restriction by providing a large copper contact point,
and sturdy, formidable clamping pressure, which facilitates the transfer of electrical
current in a full circuit. Inferior clamps often fail to adequately deliver the electrical current, resulting in the heating, failure, and destruction of the clamp.

The Ground Hog is an assembly of an Insulated Copperhead Cartridge combined with a
Strong Hand® Plier, or Strong Hand® Sliding Arm Clamp. The strong clamping forces of
both models (Plier; 465 lbs, Sliding Arm Clamp; 1,000 lbs.) gives the Ground Hog a
secure path for the electrical current. To further ensure a complete arc, the Ground
Hog controls the electrical current by isolating the two most important points - the
contact surface and the transfer to the cable connection. The current flows from the
work surface, to the copperhead, to the cable. The Ground Hog is rated at 500 AMPS @
60% duty cycle (Part No. GP950).

The narrow ridges on the Copperhead Cartridge reduce the chances of particle
buildup, while the unique, circular pattern on the Copperhead face seals out weld
spatter, and the high clamping pressure of the Ground Hog Clamp helps compensate
for work surface uneveness.

The Ground Hog greatly improves arc stability, reduces power consumption and
improves cable life.

For more information on the Ground Hog Clamp, call V.P. of Sales Ray Strickland at: 800.989.5244 Ext. 215, or e-mail Ray at: ray@valtrainc.com. Visit us on the web at: www.stronghandtools.com.

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