Weld Purge Systems suit pipe diameters from 2-96 in.

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Suitable when welding dairy tubes, schedule pipework, and all other kinds of cylindrical vessels, Inflatable Weld Purge Systems feature fire-safe coating, tear-resistant eyelet pull loops, metal internal fittings and connections, and heavy-duty armored spinal hose. Dam ends require minimum amount of gas to seal inside pipe. To avoid oxygen penetration, systems allow constant flow rate of inert shielding gas of up to 20 l/min to be maintained during welding.

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Weldwide Inflatable Weld Purge Systems

o NEW improved fire and scorching resistance due to fire-safe coating

o NEW improved tear resistance due to strong stitching and crimping

o NEW reinforced tear-resistant eyelet pull loops

o NEW all internal fittings and connections made from metal for improved durability

o NEW heavy duty, armoured spinal hose

o NEW improved visibility towards the weld during the welding process

o Manufactured in the UK to ISO standards.

Weldwide inflatable Weld Purge systems can be used when customers are welding dairy tubes, schedule pipework and all other kinds of cylindrical vessels. They are available for pipe diameters ranging from 2" to 96".

The Weld Purge systems can be pushed and pulled through pipe lengths without friction or resistance. Once positioned, the Purge systems are filled through the connecting hose with inert shielding gas to inflate the dam ends and the release valve will then automatically release any excess gas to purge the inside of the pipe between the purge dams. Weld Purge systems isolate a very small volume around the weld which will significantly reduce the purge time and amount of inert purge gas used. A 6" diameter pipe will usually be purged to an oxygen content of < 0.1 % in under 3 minutes using a Weldwide Weld Purge system.

For this reason, Weld Purge systems repeatedly demonstrate to customers a fast pay back
through gas savings and increased production rates with zero weld failures attributed to gas shielding of the weld root. The inflatable Weld Purge dam ends require a minimum amount of gas to seal inside the pipe. Since the dams isolate a small volume inside the pipe fabricators immediately begin to use less gas before it is safe to start welding and can therefore demonstrate to their customers that they are achieving a lower carbon footprint.

The deflated Weld Purge systems can be easily placed in the pipe that requires welding using the pull tags. Once the two dams of the Purge System are in position at either side of the weld joint, the dams are inflated by opening the argon source and will quickly seal the pipe. Only then the pressure will open the purge valve and purging of the space between the pipe and the Purge dams begins. During purging, the air between the Weld Purge system and the pipe is pushed through the exhausts of the purge system away from the vicinity of the weld until the oxygen level is low enough to safely start welding.

Weld Purge systems will allow a constant flow rate of inert shielding gas of up to 20l/min to be maintained during welding to avoid oxygen penetration and thus oxidation of the weld.

After completion of welding and once the weld has cooled below oxidation temperature the Purge system can be easily deflated by interrupting the argon gas supply and removed from the pipe.

NOTE: The Argo-naught 2010 WGA and Ar-Gone Weld Gas Analyser can be directly connected
to Weldwide Weld Purge systems which allow you to closely monitor the progress of the purge process. For perfect welding results Weldwide Solutions recommends to always use Inflatable Weld Purge dams together with a Weld Gas Analyser.


o Reduce volume close to the weld requiring purging

o Shield the Weld Root eliminating oxidation

o Allow the welder to adjust the purge gas pressure against the weld root to achieve a
desired weld profile on the internal bore

o Cut down on inert shielding gas required

o Help reduce customers' Carbon Foot Print

o Allow customers to increase weld production rates

o Reliably eliminate weld defects associated with purging

o Help to achieve a uniform weld profile

Weld Purge Systems can be used whenever welding stainless steel and reactive metal
pipework. They are also suitable for purging autogenous weld fit ups as well as scheduled pipework that requires a gap between two bevelled pipe ends.

Inflatable Weld Purge Systems permit the fabricator to introduce a higher gas flow rate, if they have a wide gap between the pipes for the root pass, thus preventing the likelihood of oxygen and other atmospheric gases entering the shielded and purge environment before the root pass is completed.

Inflatable Pipe Purging Dams ensure an air tight seal inside the tubular system so no
contamination can occur to the weld during the hot pass and subsequent weld passes.

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