Weld Purge Monitors measure oxygen down to 10 ppm.

Press Release Summary:

Measuring oxygen levels down to 100 ppm, PurgEye® 100 is adequate for most stainless steels. PurgEye® 300 measures oxygen down to 10 ppm and has integral software to record oxygen levels throughout purging cycle. PurgEye® 500 has all features of PurgEye® 300, plus integral pump that continuously extracts samples of gas from volume being purged for analysis. PurgEye® 600, measuring from Atmosphere to 10 ppm, integrates measuring system with touchscreen and internal recording of data.

Original Press Release:

Complete Family of 'Weld Purge Monitors(TM)

Engineering staff at weld purge experts Huntingdon Fusion Techniques Ltd have exploited advanced technology in developing an exciting new range of Weld Purge Monitors(TM). The instruments represent leading edge standards of reliability and accuracy whilst still retaining compatibility with a need for on-site ruggedness and very affordable prices.

When welding stainless steel and Titanium Tubes and Pipes, Companies needing to know more about oxygen levels within the welding zone, were previously left with little choice but to order expensive scientific oxygen measuring instruments, designed with poor response at low oxygen levels.

This new range of relatively low cost instruments has been designed and produced specifically for the welding industry. The PurgEye® family will measure oxygen as low as 10 parts per million (ppm), which is adequate for the most sensitive materials such as titanium alloys.

The entry-level model is the PurgEye® 100, a general purpose every day monitor capable of measuring oxygen levels down to 100 ppm; adequate for most stainless steels.

The PurgEye® 300 measures down to 10 ppm oxygen and has integral software to record oxygen levels throughout the weld purging cycle and to produce a post weld quality control document. Additionally it offers relays to switch welding machines or alarms on and off if oxygen levels rise above operator-preset limits.

For operators wanting a simpler, low cost unit to measure oxygen to 10 ppm then the PurgEye® 300 nano has been conceived. This small, hand held instrument uses advanced zirconia cell technology to combine robustness with accuracy.

Moving up a notch, the PurgEye® 500 has all the features of the PurgEye® 300, such as 10 ppm lower limit and QC software, but also with an integral pump that continuously extracts samples of the gas from the volume being purged for analysis.

HFT's highest specification device is the PurgEye® 600. Measuring from Atmosphere to 10 ppm in one Instrument, this unit also integrates the measuring system with a large, touch screen and internal recording of data using unique 'PurgLog' software, throughout the weld purge process. The results can be loaded onto a memory stick via a USB port for subsequent processing elsewhere.

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