Weld Purge Monitor incorporates zero calibration capability.

Press Release Summary:

Along with indicators for low battery and oxygen sensor replacement, PurgeEye®100 features algorithm in software that corrects reading at low oxygen levels to ensure accuracy and repeatability. Integrated auto-calibration functionality requires users to press button both at ambient and lowest oxygen reading; instant calibration is then set at 0.01% O2. Tripod mounting enables monitors to be located securely in accessible viewing position without additional clamping fixtures.

Original Press Release:

Launch of a New Weld Purge Monitor(TM)

The Company that launched the first Weld Purge Monitor(TM) in 1975, Huntingdon Fusion Techniques Limited, has introduced a new highly advanced model.

Having developed the models MKI to MKV in a particular style the Company has embraced evolving technology to create a new instrument designated PurgeEye®100 that offers significant advances over previous models.

Principal PurgeEye®100 Features

Zero Calibration Facility

Integrated Auto-Calibration. At the press of a button calibrate both at ambient and again at the lowest oxygen reading. Instant calibration at 0.01% O2

No need for monitors to be returned to the factory for yearly calibration.

Tripod Mount

Monitors can be located securely in an accessible viewing position without having to resort to additional clamping fixtures.

Accuracy at low level readings

The PurgEye(TM) 100 has an algorithm in the software to correct the reading at the low oxygen levels to ensure accuracy and repeatability of readings.

Most low cost Oxygen Monitors are made for oxygen measurement at breathing levels for personal safety rather than welding and they are unable to read accurately as oxygen levels fall below the atmospheric reading of 20.94%

Low Battery Indicator

When the battery life is too low to provide sufficient power to run the PurgEye(TM)100 correctly, a battery symbol appears in the screen/touch screen warning the operator to change the battery.

Replace Sensor Indicator

Similarly, a sensor symbol will appear on the screen with alerting the operator change the oxygen sensor.

Many other features are outlined on the Company web site and in the literature available.

The cost of these attractively priced, UK Manufactured and CE marked units are expected to stay the same the same as their previous versions.

The new models showing the changes and advantages can be seen on a Power Point presentation that is available on request from the company.

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