Weight Controller accelerates production throughput.

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With Model HI 4050+, users can select update rate of 100 or 250 updates/sec, depending on application. Display resolution is 1:30:000, which means that when users measure 30 kg weight, HI 4050+ displays accurate, stable rate readings of at least 1 g. WAVERSAVER+ system minimizes effects of vibration, increasing stability of weight readings by factor of 3. HI 4050+ also features Rockwell EDS Add-On-Profile compatible with RSLogix.

Original Press Release:

Hardy Now Shipping New Faster, Higher-Resolution Version of the Popular HI 4050+

Rockwell EDS file for building an Add-On-Profile to ship in January

Hardy is now shipping a faster, higher resolution version of the HI 4050+. Users can now select an update rate of 100 or 250 updates per second, depending on their application. This update speed applies to the processed weight, communications and display. The display resolution has also increased from 1:10:000 to 1:30:000. That means that when users measure a 30 KG weight, the HI 4050+ displays accurate, stable rate readings of at least 1 gram.

The HI 4050 already had Hardy’s WAVERSAVER technology built in to reduce the effects of vibration, but the new HI 4050+ also includes WAVERSAVER+, a new patent-pending system that increases the stability of weight readings by a factor of three. The New HI 4050+ also features a new Rockwell EDS Add-On-Profile (AOP) compatible with RSLogix. This EDS file is available in mid-January.

The HI 4050+ is a fast, high-resolution weight controller that helps to reduce users’ labor content, speed their production throughput, and improve the quality and safety of their end products. The HI 4050+ acts as a front end weight controller to a PLC, PC or DCS system. It also operates as a standalone weight controller or monitor.

About Hardy Process Solutions

Hardy Process Solutions has established itself as an industry leader in the weighing automation world by providing high accuracy and precision measurements, while seamlessly integrating process weight signals into the plant control system. In almost all industries, manufacturing operations require materials to be weighed at some point of the production process. Process instrumentation can help improve processes and achieve operational excellence in the four major areas of the supply chain:

STOCK - for accurate inventory management

MAKE - the ability to deploy batch and/or continuous processes

PACK - for accurate and repeatable filling measurement and control

SHIP - for flexible consolidation and reconsolidation of packed goods

For further information, visit the Hardy Process Solutions website at www.hardysolutions.com or call Janice Kall at 858-255-6792 or email hardyinfo@hardysolutions.com.


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