Weighing Terminal carries multiple safety ratings.

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Meeting IP69K, GMP, and EHEDG sanitation and hygiene standards, Model IND429 is dust-tight, can be cleaned with high-pressure equipment, and is suited for harshest environmental conditions. Unit interfaces with either analog scale or high-precision IDNet scale, delivering repeatable measurement data from milligrams to tons. Terminal offers Ethernet TCP/IP interface and comes standard with RS-232 serial port for further data collection or ticket printing.

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New Terminal Offers Compliance and Versatility

COLUMBUS, Ohio (March 24, 2006) - METTLER TOLEDO announces the addition of the IND429
to the existing line of industrial weighing terminals. The IND429 offers versatility, connectivity and compliance for use in almost any industry and application. Boasting such sanitation and hygiene standards as IP69K, GMP and EHEDG, the IND429 is the clear choice when utmost safety and reliability are needed.

Compliance for any industry
The IND429 terminal carries multiple safety ratings. With IP69k, this terminal is suited for use in the harshest environmental conditions. The device is dust-tight and can be cleaned with highpressure equipment, perfect for the food and chemical industries. IND429 also meets Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) compliance standards
and was evaluated as "very well suited to GMP-compliant work." by the Steinbeis Transfer Institute at the University of Berlin. The IND429 was specifically designed for use in hygienically sensitive areas. Its smooth surface and the materials used in its construction allow it to be cleaned easily and completely. NSF and EHEDG have also made a positive appraisal of the device. "The IND429 terminal has been developed
for the heavy washdown environment applications needing a single analog or high precision transactional weighing or dynamic animal weighing terminal," states Product Manager Adrienne Olwert, "this terminal offers a great advantage for our customers by offering an ethernet and/or battery operation."

Complete versatility
Not only is the IND429 safe for use in many environments, it works with a diverse range of existing METTLER TOLEDO bench and floor platforms. The IND429 enhances the transactional weighing product line by offering a terminal which can interface with either an analog scale or high precision (IDNet) scale. The IND429 delivers precise repeatable measurement data from milligrams to tons in six cost-effective packages that easily integrate into existing systems.

Advanced connectivity
The IND429 offers an Ethernet TCP/IP interface for heavy wash-down applications providing very competitive solutions. It also comes standard with an RS-232 serial port for further data collection or ticket printing. The interfaces are installed in a protected position at the back of the terminal and area accessible via IP69k protected sockets.

METTLER TOLEDO is recognized as the global leader in weighing solutions for industrial, retail and laboratory applications. The company plans to continue its focus on developing customer-oriented weighing solutions that harness the power and flexibility of the leading technologies. www.mt.com

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Product Manager
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