Weighing Platforms use 4 hermetically sealed load cells.

Press Release Summary:

Utilizing strain gauge technology, IF Series offers weighing capacities from 150-3,000 kg with resolutions of 30,000 d. Platforms range in size from 23.6 x 23.6 to 78.7 x 59.1 in. with 1.4 in. profile, making them suited for pit installations. Powder coated platforms meet IP65 requirements, while AISI 304-bead blasted stainless steel platforms are rated to IP68. Pharmaline flat bed scales offer stainless steel pneumatic lift option suited for pharmaceutical clean rooms.

Original Press Release:

Sartorius Introduces the New IF Series- Weighing Platforms and Flat-Bed Scales

Sartorius, the leading supplier of industrial weighing components and systems worldwide, is pleased to introduce a comprehensive line of IF weighing platforms for its process weighing equipment. These new weighing platforms comprise a line of over 708 basic models for any task imaginable.

Sartorius IF series offer weighing capacities of 150 to 3000kg with resolutions of 30000d. Standard platforms are available in the following sizes: 23.6 "x 23.6" to 78,7 x 59.1". Custom sizes are available upon request.

Key features and benefits include;

Rugged Strain-gauge technology -4 hermetically sealed load cells ensure precise results with all kinds of material weighed

Low profile - standard platform height is just 1.4" with options even lower making it easy to use in pit installations for drive on applications

Choice of coatings - powder or AISI 304-bead blasted stainless steel depending on application and are ideal where stringent hygiene standards

IP protection - power -coated platforms meet IP65 requirements with stainless steel versions rated to IP68

A key addition to the IF series is the IF Pharmaline flat bed scales. This series offer a stainless steel pneumatic lift option which enables the user to raise the platform with minimal effort. The lifting meets the requirements of the latest OSHA standards. This is ideal for the pharmaceutical clean rooms where pit installations are not permitted. Offering the same resolution of the standard IF platforms the Pharmaline platforms come in the following sizes: 39.4" x 31.5", 39.4 x 30.4" , 49.2" x 39.4" and 49.2" x 49.2"

Sartorius is an internationally leading laboratory and process technology provider covering the segments of Biotechnology and Weighing. Sartorius North America Industry, located in Edgewood NY, offers solutions for weighing, measurement and control in the production processes of the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and processing industries.

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