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Free of edges that could trap moisture and product matter, IND890 allows operators to obtain complex, multi-step weigh results via touchscreen interface. Self-explanatory icons and optimized operator guidance promote usability, and software can be customized to desired application. Along with ergonomic design and programmable softkeys, system offers ability to simultaneously display of up to 4 scales plus sum for comparison and subsequent correction of amounts and values.

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Intuitive IND890 Weighing PC Touchscreen Enhances Efficiency

Albstadt, Germany. - METTLER TOLEDO is pleased to announce the debut of its latest weighing PC, the IND890. With an innovative, readable touchscreen interface, the IND890 allows operators to easily obtain complex, multi-step weigh results. Plus, the IND890's smooth design-free of so-called "dirty edges" that trap moisture and product matter-makes cleanup a breeze in harsh industrial environments. Processors save time between product and shift changeovers while also enhancing safety when hygiene counts.

Nowadays touchscreens represent the preferred technology even in industrial production areas, noted Andreas Rausch, Product Manager Industrial Terminals, METTLER TOLEDO. "The IND890 sets a new standard in weighing PC's, providing a perfect blend of scale reliability and powerful processing software. This truly elegant, reliable solution will help processors reach their weighing goals across a broad array of industrial sectors," he said.

The IND890's hallmark touchscreen offers self-explanatory, visually appealing icons and optimized operator guidance: Operators see only what they need for a given operation. A less cluttered viewscreen means fewer processing errors.

The IND890 also offers extensive free programming, so this robust weigh PC's software can be customized to the desired application, further simplifying weighing and speeding time-to-result.

Efficiency is enhanced by the terminal's ergonomic design, which provides the greatest possible flexibility in application. Programmable softkeys mean an operator can adjust the terminal's keystroke patterns to his or her own working style. Country and language-specific screen layouts, along with large weight value display options, also enhance usability.

Different status messages from all simultaneously working scales can be viewed concurrently for easy comparison and subsequent correction of amounts and values for significant productivity gains. Displaying of up to four scales plus sum is possible when desired.

The IND890-15-the larger of two terminal versions-consists of a slimline flat screen and a separate electronics box that contains the PC hardware. Separate components ensure operators can adapt the IND890 to their workspace layout. The IND890-10, on the other hand, offers a compact, all-in-one design for increased flexibility.

Both IND890 arrangements offer the same strong computing capabilities and highly accurate weigh data. High-pressure washability is enhanced by IP69k ingress protection, which offers faster and more thorough cleanup between production runs or shift changes for greater equipment uptime and elimination of product cross-contamination.

"Overall, METTLER TOLEDO has worked to make the IND890 ergonomic, flexible and intuitive. We feel strongly that this convenient touchscreen-enabled series will revolutionize weighing in rugged production environments-or anywhere accuracy, cleanliness and ease-of-use matter," concluded Mr. Rausch.

For more on the features and benefits of the new METTLER TOLEDO IND890, visit www.mt.com/ind890

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