WEG supplies a package of 15,000 Miniature Circuit-Breakers in Peru

WEG Peru supplied a large package of DIN RAIL MDW Miniature Circuit-Breakers for farm electrification project through photovoltaic systems.

The WEG Group through its Automation and Controls Division recently made an important supply of more than 15,000 units of Miniature Circuit-Breakers in one single sale for Peruvian company Norte Renovables SAC. The commercial process was conducted by WEG Commercial Branch in Peru, which has been working on the process of the first auction for stand-alone photovoltaic systems that includes the installation of 500,000 insulated systems in housing, medical centers and colleges that are not connected to the grid.

In addition to being strongly dedicated to farm electrification projects with designs, supplies and installations in the country, Norte Renovables SAC has been participating in auctions with the state in order to address the electrification projects through photovoltaic systems in farm areas of Peru.

This supply of DIN RAIL - MDW Miniature Circuit-Breakers is part of two separate projects, one located in the region of San Martin and the other project in the region of Cuzco.

The package includes a considerable range of Miniature Circuit-Breakers, which includes 4,538 units of MDW-C6-2 Miniature Circuit-Breakers for current sockets and lighting; 4,538 units of Miniature Circuit-Breakers MDW-C16-2 to protect the control panel of photovoltaic cells; 3,196 units of MDW-C4-2 Miniature Circuit-Breakers for lighting and 3,196 units of Miniature Circuit-Breakers MDW-C6-2 for current sockets.

For WEG Group and WEG branch in Peru this sale is very significant since it represents the largest supply of Miniature Circuit-Breakers made so far in a single package, with more than 15,000 units, which were delivered in record time for customer warehouse in Lima. In addition, this supply represents a contribution to the customer in its package solution with high quality and reliability, in addition to very competitive prices and quick delivery compared to local market.

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