Web Relay enables universal application access.

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Suited for enterprises using SSL VPNs for complex web applications, Caymas 220, 318, and 525 Identity-Driven Access Gateways are offered with Web Relay that creates secure connection between authorized users and applications. Relay provides clientless access to any web application without requiring URL rewrite or client software. Gateways utilize Identity Tagging Architecture and support hundreds to thousands of internal and remote users, devices, and resources.

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Caymas Systems Introduces Caymas Web Relay For Universal Application Access

Only Caymas Guarantees Support for All Web Applications

February 14, 2005, PETALUMA, CALIFORNIA- Caymas Systems, the leader in Identity-Driven Access Gateways, today announced the availability of an innovative "Web Relay" capability for its Caymas 220, Caymas 318, and Caymas 525 products. The Caymas Web Relay creates a secure connection between authorized users and applications, solving a common problem experienced by enterprises using SSL VPNs for complex web applications. Without the Caymas Web Relay, traditional SSL VPN solutions utilizing only URL rewrite technology cannot keep up with the rapid pace of innovation of today's web applications. Only Caymas can guarantee support for all web applications, making its products the industry's most deployable solutions for clientless internal and external access. With the Caymas Web Relay, Caymas increases its lead in access control, security, and flexibility over last generation SSL VPN appliances.

The Caymas Web Relay delivers on customers' desire to provide Universal Access to business-critical resources. With an increasing number of business applications moving to web platforms, it is imperative for SSL VPN solutions to provide access without making changes or imposing client-based access methods. Traditional SSL VPNs require URL rewriting to provide clientless access, causing sophisticated web applications to break. When web applications are not supported, traditional SSL VPNs fall back to access methods requiring a client to be installed, eliminating the main business benefit of SSL VPNs. Caymas Web Relay guarantees clientless access to any web application, with no URL rewrite or client software required.

"Businesses are expanding their use of web-based applications, and more and more applications are becoming web-enabled," says Jason Wright, Program Leader for Security Technologies at Frost and Sullivan. "Solutions that make web application access easier for enterprise IT managers and end users alike represent a positive direction for the industry."

Redback Networks is a leading provider of next-generation broadband networking equipment. "We have all kinds of remote access users, from engineers to sales," says Wendell Lee of Redback Networks. "The vast majority of our applications are web based. Caymas, with the Caymas Web Relay feature, allows us to seamlessly provide secure access to all of these applications through our intranet portal. This has helped us simplify our IT operations while improving security and departmental productivity."

The Caymas product family-the Caymas 220, Caymas 318, and Caymas 525 Identity-Driven Access Gateways-are purpose built, hardware accelerated access gateways and the only solutions that support hundreds to thousands of internal and remote users, devices, and resources on a single platform. Caymas uses its unique, patent pending Identity Tagging Architecture to tie all access control and security decisions to the identity of users, devices, and resources. Caymas Gateways perform network level admission, including integrated endpoint integrity checking, and application level access control with complete identity-based monitoring of both users and resources. Full application level security is integrated specifically for authorized users and across encrypted sessions. In addition, government regulations are creating strict security and privacy mandates for many businesses, all of which require identity-based monitoring for audits and compliance.

"SSL VPNs have been embraced for their ease of establishing a clientless connection to corporate networks for remote users," said Sanjay Uppal, vice president of marketing and customer service for Caymas Systems. "But until now clientless remote access has been limited to a few applications and file shares. Adding the Caymas Web Relay to our powerful Access Gateways makes the security, flexibility and convenience of SSL-based access dramatically more valuable for enterprises."

Caymas Web Relay is available now on all Caymas Access Gateways at no additional charge on new products and for existing customers with current service contracts.

About Caymas Systems

Caymas Systems allows organizations to control access and control their business with the world's first Identity-Driven Access Gateways. Caymas solutions enable organizations to identify, authorize, protect and audit all users and resources from a single platform, allowing enterprises to securely extend critical information assets to all stakeholders. Over 1,000,000 users securely access corporate information assets using Caymas gateways. Caymas Systems is a privately held company headquartered in Petaluma, California. For more information visit caymas.com.

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