Web Monitor Automatically Adjusts to Changing Static Charges

IQ monitor probes measure fluctuating static charges on a web to automatically adjust the output level of the neutralizing system, even in hazardous locations.

(Hatfield, PA) - Now approved for use in hazardous locations, the PerforMAX IQ Web Monitor and Probe system automatically adjusts the static bar output to maintain set limits of static charge on a web. A single IQ monitor module can interface with up to four sensor probes that measure static charges downstream of neutralizing bars. Each sensor probe can be programmed for a desired alarm threshold to suit the application. Real-time static charge data is shared with the IQ power supply to immediately adjust bar output while displaying system status at a glance. This closed loop system helps ensure that fluctuating static charges are held within acceptable parameters regardless of web speed. For added convenience, a remote monitor is also available to provide real-time, key operating conditions and alarms to operators for up to twelve static neutralizing systems.

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