Web-Enabled Devices work with acquisition/control programs.

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iSeries Web Server and Ethernet-Serial bridge devices connect directly to Ethernet network via RJ-45 connectors, and can send and receive data in TCP/IP packets. Able to serve Web pages over Ethernet LAN or Internet, they monitor and control processes through web browsers. Web pages are customizable, and provide secure, password-protected access to devices. They can send email alerts to engineers, and are assigned one IP address on network.

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OMEGA iSeries are the world's first Web Enabled Controllers, Panel Meters, Transmitters and Signal Conditioners

The OMEGA iSeries devices connect directly to an Ethernet network with a standard RJ-45 connector and can send and receive data in standard TCP/IP packets.

The OMEGA devices can serve Web pages over an Ethernet LAN or even over the Internet making it possible to monitor and control a process through a web browser (such as Microsoft Internet Explorer) from anywhere in the facility or anywhere in the world.

For example, using a OMEGA 1/16 DIN temperature controller to control a heater, an engineer can monitor the temperature, change set points or alarm points, turn the heater on and off, or make other modifications from anywhere on the local network, or anywhere on the Internet. The web pages are easily customized and secure password protected access to the devices is easily controlled. And it requires absolutely no special software on the engineer's computer to view the data and "supervise" the controller-nothing other than a Web Browser.

In fact, the OMEGA iSeries controller can even send an email to the engineer (or anyone he chooses) alerting him to an alarm condition or updating the status. Leveraging the technology of the Internet, the engineer could receive a message from his OMEGA controller on an Internet enabled pager or cell phone.

Most remarkable is that all this is accomplished without a computer. The OMEGA iSeries device (meter or controller) connects directly to the Ethernet Network-not to the serial port of a computer functioning as a "server" and "master" to "slave" instruments connected through serial communications.

These small OMEGA iSeries instruments are full stand-alone Internet Appliances. The Ethernet and Web Server capability is actually embedded in the device.

The OMEGA iSeries device is assigned an IP address on the network and can also be assigned an easily remembered name such as "Heaterl". In fact, the device could be assigned an authorized Internet IP address from an Internet Service Provider and function as a World Wide Web Server delivering whatever specific information is called for.

Apart from the Web server feature, the iSeries also works with conventional data acquisition and control programs as well as Visual Basic and Excel. OMEGA provides free software and demos which makes it fast and easy to get up and running with many applications.

OMEGA also offers the same Embedded Internet capability in a discrete DIN rail mounted device which can be a hub connecting up to 32 instruments that have serial communications capability to the Ethernet and Internet. The "iServer" is both a Web Server and an Ethernet-Serial bridge compatible with RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485.

The OMEGA iSeries 1/8 DIN panel meter with Embedded Internet is $295. The 1/16 DIN PID Controller with dual control outputs Embedded Internet is also $295. Both devices feature universal inputs for process voltage & current, thermocouple, and RTD.

The OMEGA "iServer" for DIN rail mounting is $95.

The iSeries devices are in stock for immediate delivery.

Price(s) start at $150.

For more information on this new product, contact OMEGA Engineering, Inc., or use our OMEGAfaxSM service to request Document #1934 by calling 1-800-848-4271 from any Touch-Tone Phone.

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