Web-Based Software facilitates interbusiness trading.

Press Release Summary:

Inovis Webware(TM) brings e-commerce capabilities to companies of any size, allowing them to participate in trading communities without complete e-business platform. It lets businesses use browser-based forms to work with companies that want to purchase goods. For purchasing companies (hubs), solution makes it possible to connect electronically with all trading partners. Fully automated trading communities also promote visibility throughout supply chain.

Original Press Release:

Inovis Launches Inovis Webware for Trading Between Businesses

Inovis Webware is easy to use and features flexible, pay-as-you-go pricing to bring e-commerce capabilities to companies of any size

ATLANTA, Oct. 17 - Inovis today unveiled Inovis Webware(TM) (http://www.inovis.com/solutions/webware/), an email-like form solution that allows small and medium sized companies to participate in trading communities when they do not have the time, internal IT staff or money to install and run a complete e-business platform. Inovis Webware helps businesses of any size simply use Internet browser-based forms to work with companies that want to purchase goods. For purchasing companies or "hubs," Webware makes it possible to connect electronically with all trading partners. View a Webware demo (http://www.inovis.com/webware/demo/) or solution page (http://www.inovis.com/solutions/webware/).

Inovis Webware is the next phase of Inovis' Business Community Management strategy. By forming electronic connections between all members of a trading community, companies of all sizes can benefit from automation, visibility and collaboration built on a foundation of high-quality, reliable electronic communication. Inovis Webware leverages the Inovis Multienterprise Exert Services Hub (MESH) platform (MESH press release, www.inovis.com/news/press/2007/2007080601.jsp, and white paper, inovis.com/downloads/whitepapers/MESH-Framework-for-Dialtone- Business-Communities.pdf) and the Inovisworks(TM) (http://www.inovis.com/solutions/van/) application that will support mission critical transactions for every company, regardless of size.

There are no e-business skills required to use and no investment in technology beyond a browser to instantly be compliant with all trading partners. Webware is affordable, as easy to use as email, and meets the strictest compliance standards of the major purchasing companies or "hubs." For hubs companies, Webware processes trading partner transactions though their Inovisworks interface that is most likely already in place with back office systems. As a result, transactions from the largest or the smallest partner look the same.

With fully automated trading communities, the stage is set for better visibility through the supply chain that drives more profitability, customer loyalty and responsiveness to the changing global business landscape.

"This Business Community Management extension will really help smaller companies pick up the pace and participate in the global economy just like their larger counterparts, without any specialized skills or technology," said Steve Cochran, Inovis' Chief Technology Officer. "The best part is, whether it's Inovisworks or Webware, any of the BCM solutions will save our customers time, frustration and money while accelerating their community engagement, allowing them to focus on their core value, not ours."

Small-office and home-office companies in addition to small and mid-sized suppliers will appreciate:

- An easy-to-use web-based solution, simple as email, but giving them many of the electronic trading capabilities the largest global manufacturers and suppliers have had for years
- Fast and easy account setup. Users will also be able to easily determine who is in their trading community and begin business to business electronic trading immediately
- Greater and immediate access to details of transactions is available through a single interface that delivers greater visibility across the supply chain
- A solution that is scaled to grow as their business grows

What Webware means to supply chain purchasers or hubs:
- The ability to configure, manage and control forms for their community
- The ability to continue to use Inovisworks as their control point for their community, but enable their smaller partners to conduct compliant e-business easily
- 99.995% data center uptime and disaster recovery capability for all trading partners at no additional cost
- Customization and control of forms for specific transactions -- leveraging their own unique business processes to drive industry standard documents

About Inovis (http://www.inovis.com/)

Inovis is a leading provider of on-demand business community management solutions that empower companies to transact, collaborate and optimize communications with their business partners. Companies can dramatically reduce the complexity and cost of supply chain management by automating communication with entire trading communities. With this foundation of high-quality and reliable connectivity, companies can improve visibility into interactions with business partners that delivers actionable intelligence that allows users to proactively address supply chain issues before they impact profitability.

With more than 20 years of expertise, Inovis delivers its products and services to more than 20,000 companies over a wide range of industries and markets across the globe.

For more information, visit www.inovis.com/, or visit the Inovis Community Blog (http://blogs.inovis.com/.)

Inovis is a trademark of Inovis, Inc.

CONTACT: David Fontaine of Inovis, +1-404-467-3355, david.fontaine@inovis.com; or Allison Parker of MS&L, +1-404-870-6864, allison.parker@mslpr.com, for Inovis, Inc.

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