Web Analytic Tool provides website performance reporting.

Press Release Summary:

Website performance monitoring solution, WatchDog4.Biz v1.0.3.0 estimates efficiency of web hosting and shows whether online business is up or down. Detailed information is provided within statistics reports, charts, and diagrams. Performance features include checks for URL, HTTP, FTP, SMTP and POP3. Using mulitiple monitoring stations, tool verifies security problems and reports downtime alerts by sending emails and SMS.

Original Press Release:

WatchDog4.biz - Website Monitoring Tool

(March, 2008) - OLSOFT has released WatchDog4.Biz version - website availability and performance monitoring tool.

WatchDog4.Biz is a solution that helps you to get a true picture of availability and performance of your websites. Using WatchDog4.Biz you can always be aware whether your online business is down or up and estimate the efficiency of your web hosting. Uptime statistics reports, charts and diagrams built by the application provide detailed information on these points.

Application includes the following availability monitoring and performance monitoring features: Multiple URL check, HTTP, HTTP with authentication check, FTP check, HTTPS, HTTPS with authentication check*, SMTP and POP3 check*, DNS check*, PING check*, Custom user port check*.

Another important point is a business website security issue. WatchDog4.Biz's hacker check feature gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you'll be instantly notified the moment a website security problem is detected. You won't be bothered with false alarms because WatchDog4.Biz verifies security problem reports and downtime alerts using multiple monitoring stations.

WatchDog4.Biz downtime alerts and notification features include e-mail alerts, SMS alerts and false alarm protection system. The latter means that alerts are sent only after WatchDog4.Biz checks whether the problem really exists and you won't be bothered with untimely notifications.

WatchDog4.Biz is a cutting-edge solution that brings confidence and reliability to your online business.

WatchDog4.Biz can be downloaded at watchdog4.net/download.htm and is free of charge but its functionality is limited. To enable all features you should upgrade free version to fully functional Pro version at www.watchdog4.biz/order.htm. System requirements are Microsoft Windows 2003 or higher, Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.

* - available in WatchDog4.Biz Pro version

For more information contact:
Eugene Olevsky, OLSOFT
Klinskaya-3-36, Moscow, Russia 125414
Tel/Fax +7 (495) 612-8223
Email: support@watchdog4.biz
Web site watchdog4.net

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